Ann Arbor Cooperative Point Series   January 29, 2010 at 8:24pm

DGLO #1 Points

The A2CoPS would like to encourage all of the area disc golf players to check out the DGLO Championship Series - Event #1 this Sunday taking place at two Ann Arbor area private courses. Tournament information is posted here:

The Ann Arbor Cooperative Points Series is hoping to encourage participation and help DGLO by including the first two events in the overall A2CoPS Winter Points Series. There has been lots of good discussion on how to calculate points over the last few weeks and thanks to all who have contributed. We are trying this out to see if tournaments will be included in future points series.

Points will be awarded based upon an agreed method as voted on by the Disc Golf League Player's Union on 1/12/2010. Here is the method for points calculation for the DGLO Series #1 and #2:

"Tournament Player Point Formula = (Participation points + Points earned (players beat) + Out Right 1st place Winner ) x Multiplier + ACE Points

Point assignment formula is the one we use currently use plus a multiplier based on the entry fee. The DGLO Championship Series will be a 4x multiplier.

Participation points = 2

Points Earned – “based on current method” – one point per person you scored better than in your division – Ties get the same earned point total.

Out Right 1st place Winner – If 1st place is not a tie – then they are the Out Right Winner and this value equals 2

Ace Points – 50 pts for an ACE. (no Multiplier)

No temperature dependant (double points for less than 15degress) point incentives for tournaments.