Saturday Morning Dubs at Alex   June 12, 2010 at 10:45pm

Record breaking day again

Ok so we had 35 people show today but thats not what the big deal is about. Not only did we have some sick scores, but we have a new Alexander doubles record of a 41, yes 13 down by Raury Seagreen and Dusty Jones. We also had yet another Ace this week on hole 4 by Steve Young, and if I heard him right this was his first ace. Congrats Steve!!! Now for our CTP winners....... we have Bryan C. taking hole 2, Raury Seagreen took hole 9, Al Fetta got hole 12, and Brett Portter took the last CTP on hole 15.

I was a very hot and sticky morning but we all had a good time. Of course we had a few new people join us this week. Like i always say thanks to all of you that help make our Saturday mornings a success.

Oh yeah GO CELTICS!!!