Spassland Spring Series   May 29, 2009 at 6:26am

League 5-28-09

League 5-28-09
Well done tonight all!
I'd like to shake it up a little for next week 6-4-09
I'm moving Brett G and Eric P to the Open division, if anyone would like to discuss this please let me know...Tom also had a great round, I would say if Tom keeps up the scores I may ask him to move up also. These moves are meant to keep the divisions competative, and I hope that we can keep it fair for everyone.
I had my younger son Nick play this evening and it took a bit longer than usual. I'd like to start his round earlier with myself playing and one more person. That would make for a threesome. If we start 15 minutes earlier we won't finish so late. I'd like to try it next week and see what happens.
See you all next week.

Johnny Rumble