Spassland Spring Series   June 12, 2009 at 8:00pm

League 6-11-09

The round started off with a bit of wind from the east. This made for easy drives on 1, 3, but tricky putts if you blew by the pins on any of the holes. We did have some chain smakin' from Danny Trampe on hole 4. We could hear the roar from fairway 5 coming from the tee pad on hole 4. It did not stick to the basket this time but I know he's been getting closer. Maybe next week Danny!
A Tie in the Novice division with Drew Speth and Nick Enk, Drew won the playoff. Nick and Drew are still in a tight race for first place with two weeks to go.
Pat Riesch won the Rec. division shooting a plus 1 over Matt Klowak's plus 2. Matt leads the division and probably will not be caught, so it will be a tight race for second and third.
Danny Trampe had an off afternoon getting a lesson from Luca Trampe who shot a minus 3 to Danny's minus 1. Luca leads the division by half a point!
In the Open Johnny Rumble shoots a negative 14 to regain first place over Eric Peters, who just moved up from Advanced. Tom Tehowski had a good showing at 8 down and only one point behind first. How will it end? Will Rumble Crumble? We'll know in two weeks when the dust settles!
Nick Pecunia shaves another 6 strokes off his score from last week and 10 strokes total from his first week. Nick shot a 92 or plus 38, great going Nick! Nick never complains or gets discouraged and just wants to shot 4's on all the holes. Way to go Nick.

We will be running this league until June 25th. This will bring the league to 8 weeks. We'll do awards on the 25th. We will have a by week on July 2nd and start up the next league the following Thursday July 9th for an 8 week summer league.

We'll see you all next week. Practice your putts and get to a field to work on your drives.