Brian Mulnix  › Whitehall Disc Golf Summer League 2011   August 27, 2011 at 12:26am

On behalf of Whitehall Disc Golf, I would like to personally thank everyone who participated in the Whitehall Disc Golf Summer league. We had a great season and good weather for most of the year; I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Special thanks to Michal Gray and (And Ike Rainey in Mikes absence) for covering the 50/50 CTP and LP contests. In addition, thanks to all WDG Club members (and non-members) who helped in various ways throughout the year, especially Amy Bedau who took over secretary duties this year and did an excellent job keeping track of all the scores and handicaps as well as posting and updating the spreadsheets. .

81 players this year, with an average of 52 players per night over a 15 week season.

6 Aces, which each paid out $100

· May 5, 2011 Jeff VandeH2o aced hole 4

· July 25, 2011 Walt Christopherson aced hole 2

· August 1, 2011 Jamie Vincent aced hole 6

· August 8, 2011 Jake Ward aced hole 2

· August 15, 2011 Corey Kieft aced hole D2

· August 22, 2011 Pat Boone aced hole 2

Average nightly payout w/prizes was $244 per night

Total payout over the course of the season was $3,658

A total of 67 different players (having played at least 8 weeks) were paid out in some form whether cash or merchandise

Most Handicap rounds won (includes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finish)(A):

1st Joe Wingett

2nd Adam Smith

3rd Walt Christopherson

Most Handicap Rounds won (Includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finish)(B):
1st Jeff VandeH2o

1st Jeff Howe

2nd Khailen Kooi

3rd Gavin Coker

Most Raw score rounds won:

(4) Bill E Coyote

Low Raw Score (also course record on original 18)

(-8) K-Dogg

Most improved average from 2010-2011:

Khailen Kooi (2010 77) (2011 68)

Perfect Attendance:

Tony Burmeister

Jason Church

Ferrel Mejeur

Ike Rainey

Jamie Vincent

Joe Wingett

As a reminder, we will have a fun night on Monday August 29 (Let me know if you can help out) . We will have food and limited beverages (non-alcoholic) so bring your own if you want to have something special. We will do an Ace Race.

We will (hopefully) see you all at Frosty Brau Doubles….

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