Thomas "T" D.  › Bag Tag Challenge 2k10   May 31, 2011 at 9:18pm

Whats the status for playing Tom and Matt's P.O.M.A.P. course? If thats our destination,I know that P.O.M.A.P. is in need of a new lawn mower belt to maintain the course. I propose and will be taking donations for a new one,to show our appreciation for accomodating us. If every player will kick down $1,I will match the total donation $ for $ until the belt can be purchased. Please keep in mind that this is a private course on private property. We are guests and need to know there are several "forms of conduct" that will be announced before the round(s), that are 100% OUR responsibility to maintain. and I know that you know what I mean...."wink..wink!!" If the Shuffle isnt at P.O.M.A.P. I will still be taking the "Mower Belt" Fund as we will in the future, be playing here. Tom and Matt are both huge promoters of disc golf so a little appreciation of thier efforts would be in order. Thanks guys!!!