Thomas "T" D.  › Bag Tag Challenge 2k10   May 12, 2011 at 7:40am

Wow Peeps...Whats with all the negative vibes and contradictions? Whats O.B.? Whats NOT O.B.? When was the CTP today? I missed something there. Great shootin' Myk N. Low round score. A good turn out but everything was really outta synch. Its supposed to be fun and a good time for all..right? Way too much hostilities and non-communication. We gotta pull it together and get it back to being fun......not cause conflict or hard feelings. Problems that the Club doesnt usually have are blooming like Ragweed..... C'mon Peeps. If you have a problem that affects the ebb and flow of a Shuffle..lets address them. Something that ticks you off?...Lets get it out and lets handle it. Its a CLUB. For fun,socializing and friends. Just sayin'