Kent Holsten  › NUDGA   November 13, 2012 at 4:29am

Hello Nudga, Its time to get new tags ordered for 2013, Is everyone ok with sticking with the metal tags? They are a lot cheaper than some of the other options and the different colors for 1 thru fifty etc, seemed to work pretty good. If we keep the cost of tags down we will be able to spend more on what you recieve with renewal or memberships. Hats, shirts, discs, minis or any other suggestions? I was also thinking of the possiblity of online renewals and having certain times set when you can pick up tags and swag. There is a lot of good stuff planned for 2013 so lets all work together to make it our best year ever. We will soon be over 400 members and will need a lot of help to make it our best year. Cheers to you all.