Jake La "Putt" ka  › People Pursuing the Growth of New DG Courses   August 16, 2012 at 6:40am

Hey Russ, I am leaving for oregon but i will be back christmas and all next summer. If you can get a little momentum going before next summer, I would love to help out. I live in South Jordan and hate having to drive to creekside and taylorsville. In my head i'm always designing 9 and 18 hole courses at the parks around south jordan so I could be of help there. If you are going to either of the SL county rec tournaments, let me know. i will most likely be going to "the trickle," and could possibly talk to one of the members and show them my interest. Plus, since I will be going into the collegiate league of disc golf for U of O, I will probably meet some pros and PDGA people as well. If i come across the opportunity to share with one of the "powers that be" of disc golf the issue of lack of courses in utah, there could definitely be some outside help. Just keep me in the loop and i would love to help in any way to try to get some courses up in the Southern Western parts of the valley. And if we can unite NUDGA, Wasatch, 801 and Team utah, we could easily find 500 signatures. The scene here in utah is huge! Just a problem of getting everyone to sign one paper. Thanks for doing the homework all of us on this page really appreciate it