Russ Stout  › People Pursuing the Growth of New DG Courses   August 11, 2012 at 2:36am

Hello all. I just thought that I would post on some digging that I did as far as the development of new disc golf course in good ole Salt Lake. As you all may know, Salt Lake County is hosting two (2) disc golf tourneys next month at Creekside and Valley Regional. When I saw that I got pretty excited because I figured, hey this might be a good opportunity to touch base with the county and see what it would take to get some new disc golf courses installed. I spoke with a dude at the county by the name of Phil Eddings. Pretty chill dude. He basically said that the county parks and rec department are down with getting new disc golf courses in, but adding new courses in the valley are not part of the Salt Lake County's master plan. He gave an example, Crestwood Park. I don't know if any of you have been there, but there is a ton of open space there that could totally fit an 18 hole disc golf course. Salt Lake Parks and Rec are aware of it, but a disc golf course is not part of the county's master plan for that park.

With that I mentioned to Phil, what can be done to change that and potentially get a disc golf course installed. This is what he said. We, as disc golfers, would need to present to the county the growing interest of disc golf in general and show that the public would like to see more disc golf courses installed. How would we do that? Phil told me that we could get 500 signatures of peeps who would like to see new disc golf courses. Every week, Salt Lake County has an open meeting to the public where the public has an opportunity to present any issues or things they would like to see done by the county. If we were to show up to one of those meetings and show public interest in disc golf and the development of new courses, that could put disc golf on the "master plan". We would need to give them some examples of parks that a disc golf course could go into, like Crestwood Park. Also let them know that from and expense standpoint, it is relatively cheap to install a new disc golf course.

So I dunno, I would love to get this ball rolling with anyone else who would like to get involved. If we had one or two more courses added in the valley that would be super sweet. Maybe get a new 18 hole course in Crestwood and potentially get another course like in the south west part of the valley, like in Riverton or South Jordan or something.

What are your guys thoughts?