Russ Stout  › People Pursuing the Growth of New DG Courses   August 17, 2012 at 7:14am

Jake, Markus, Rory and all DISC GOLF IS AWESOME!! As you all know. First of Jake, YES, I am playing in both The Trickle and The Breeze, playing in the Semi-Competitive Division. Also, that is pretty sweet that you are going to the U of O to play for the Ducks and their disc golf club. Dude, you will be chilling with the likes of Dave Feldberg, which is totally bad ass. But yeah, I would love for us to all get together and hash out a strategy to get signatures or whatnot to present to Salt Lake County. Also... we should all hook up for some disc golf and get a round in soon as well... you will all kick my ass... but it would be fun.

As far as uniting all the clubs for signatures, that is an awesome idea. Would love to do that. I would definitely need some help in getting that done just because I really don't know that many dudes outside the 801 Krew, or even in the 801 Krew. I tend to be a pretty solitary dude But yeah, we should definitely get together and possibly get that ball rolling for multiple club backing.

Keep on hukkin fellas!