Rick Wardell  › NUDGA   May 10, 2010 at 7:03pm

I wrote an email to Ogden city about getting another course in Ogden, and one of the city council members seems interested so far, but we need to get on the city council meeting agenda which we can do, but we need the below for the meeting. The below is what the councilmen asked for. Is anyone a PowerPoint expert out there that could put this together? I could probably do it, but it would take me forever to get it done. Once we have this we can go to other cities and present our case to them also. I can gather the data we need, but we need someone to put it all together.

“a presentation explaining the history and the growing numbers of the sport will greatly help get this ball rolling. If you are able to put together some sort of PowerPoint presentation with pictures of other successful Disc Golf Courses that would also be a great. I think that the more information that you can present to the council the better”.