Mateo of Hylton Baskets  › Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   April 29, 2009 at 1:54pm

i just realized that in the last 4 months i have played almost every day only missing 20 some odd days since the 1st of the year... and i am currently on my 30th straight day of playing a minimum of one round per day.

im so hooked!!! over just barely past one full year of playing i have lost 32 pounds lol from playing i have the same passion for d-golf as i do for my 23 years of sk8'n.

however i have retired from my sk8'n carrier as im getting old. sk8'n over 2/3 my life has taken its toll on my body and i don't recover as soon from injuries.

d-golf is way easier on my body and offers the same high from the challenges i used to get while sk8'n. playing in these leagues and tournys has never been as stressful as any of the sk8 comps i partaked in. i still get to out and meet awesome people and have my fun.

so i want to say thanks to all that have helped me been kind to me etc and enough of the long story bla bla etc.

to make a long story short i think the weather is gonna be rainy as usual... my arm is pretty sore from playing so much and i just want to spend all day having some beers at the grand lodge and just want to unload my bag in a sheltered covering on the short hole #10 (off the balcony) and have fun, relax and kick it w/ people.

if anyone would like to join hit me up. i'll most likely hit up orchard as that is on the way home. and if anyone needs a ride from greenway let me know and i'll meet you at the albertsons parking lot. take care ;)