Mateo of Hylton Baskets    August 22, 2012 at 11:01am

1st of all i know that their is huge debating threads on weather aces count.. and more debating threads on signing baskets... this thread is about neither of those. debating those two subjects will get nowhere in this thread and no further responses from me on those. i ask kindly if you want to start new threads about them then please feel free to do so.

the thread i started was about some jerk that has no balls to face me personally... but rather write in paint pen about what a **** i am etc.. and to go play stub and so on...

anybody that plays w/ me knows im a damn nice guy... i pick up after people's messes... leaving their crap not only on hornings courses but any of the +45 courses i've played... hornings happens to be my favorite and its not a far drive from where i live to play there. (i get tired of playing my own private course 7 acres of trees)

I always purchase the yearly pass at hornings and pitch in when the staff asks me to do something out there. i also play stub... i'd rather give my money.. time and effort to hornings as stub takes away business from the hornings crew... staff and family.

Stub has no equality!! to meadow ridge course in my opinion. stub is a walk in the park compared to the ridge... i wrote this thread challenging this person to a match on stub.. then said id wipe their snotty nose off w/ my rhyno on highlands...

that offer still stands!!!! i dare the red bastard to reply!?!?