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Desecration towards My aces on HHH #10's basket.   3 pictures
Pictures of some RED writing BASTARD who decided to write hateful words across My Ace signatures on Horning's Hideout "Highlands" basket #10 of which I've aced 4 times. This is my home course other than my private course. I play here a lot. I pick up peoples trash such as beer bottles/cans/bottle caps/ sig butts and other disgusting things etc... I do a lot of course maintenance as well on all 3 courses. I'm sure i have over 280 rounds recorded just on the Highlands course. which is the course I'm speaking about. It was brought to my attention the day before the Discraft Ace Race..where Laura,Kevin R. & TD saw that some one wrote these hateful words... and i know it was recent... It had to of happened between the Chick Flick and Ace Race time period. I'll list the 3 different pics that I took... #1 my name was written all over the solar light in RED paint pen. #2 the words " stop lying matt " were written across 3 of my aces. #3 the words " go try stub stewart pussy written across my 4th ace. instead of loosing my cool... i'll just say this... "ok you piece of shit!!! i challenge you to a round at stub stewart!!! and when im done kicking your sorry fucking crap ass their i'll wipe the fucking tears and ur snotty nose off w/ my rhyno on the highland course u sorry sack of shit!!! man up and face me coward!!!" yours truly -Mateo-
Hagg Lake basket #12's repair   21 pictures
before and after pix of hagg lakes #12 basket repair (not in order sorry)
Making new prototype baskets for P.O.M.A.P. Field   21 pictures
Making baskets... these ones are completely made out of 1/4" round rod and fence posting from scratch... I start out by making rings for the basket top and cage... then I bend all of the angles and for the cage and cut the bars for the top... then weld them up and paint them red... after that I hang the chains and last but not least install them into the earth at P.O.M.A.P. field ;) ( these are also for sale )
How to make a basket   14 pictures
In this album I will show you how to make a high standard home made discgolf basket. The materials I used were... Metal pole, Whiskey barrel liner, Simi outter rim split ring> (OLD TOPS FROM THE HORNING'S HIDEOUT CANYON BASKETS), 4 1/2 x 41/2 x 3/4 inch piece of wood, 2 hose clamps, 2 rubber hose links, screws, nuts/bolts, chain/ "S" hooks, 8 "L" brackets and a can of paint
Modifying An "INSTEP" practice basket   7 pictures
A few shots on how i modified my "INSTEP" practice basket by changing the basket's height and adding an extra 7 chains...
A day at H.C. with friends   1 picture
All pictures taken from my phone and up loaded by permission of Emma Rose H. location is kept private ;) -m-
nite putting near greenway   35 pictures
heather,beck and i putting under cover
Ewing Young Hole #2 sign repair   14 pictures
i spent 2 days repairing and installing the tee sign for #2 at Ewing Young. random pics of the process.
Aceholes ;)   11 pictures
different pics of my aces
Beck's Ace at horning's hideout hole #1 Canyon course 5-3-09   3 pictures
beck got an ace on #1 canyon course
1st anual P.O.M.A.P. bag tag assignment   9 pictures
played horning's hide out both courses in order to determine the bag tag assignment
A sad day at Greeway DGC   5 pictures
five photos of fucked up vandalism of baskets #1 and #9 at Greenway DGC.
P.O.M.A.P. @ Horning's Hideout 4-19-09   15 pictures
19 P.O.M.A.P. players showed up to play both courses @ horning's hideout 3 cards of doubles... random pics
Byron's Blumbing 3 pitch n' putt   5 pictures
a few pics of this private pitch n putt course offering 3 baskets circling one central tee location in the mid of the field.
Tomb Stoned Disc's   23 pictures
random pics of tombstone discs while playing. i know its stupid but i have a fascination when they happen so i take the pic of the disc.
random disc golf pics   119 pictures
random disc golf pics of me and my friends playing or anything discgolf related
winter discgolf 08'-09' season   19 pictures
random pics of disc golf during the snow and some few good days during the winter time.
a new course at my families place   13 pictures
i am making a new course on my families land. i mapped out an 18 hole course that utilizes 5 of 7 acres of land offering mainly heavily wooded holes w/ 2 monster long bombs. i'll be adding pics as the course development continues. (as of now the only pic is the course map) if anyone would like to help in any way please contact me.
Rich's B-day @ Lunchtime DGC   18 pictures
pics of the gang playing @ portland lunchtime DGC on rich's b-day.