Nate Wallen  › Kayak Point Open   March 7 at 9:35pm

Out of curiosity, isn't this event usually an A-tier? What makes it a B-Tier this year?

Kayak Point   March 7 at 10:15pm

KPO was an A-Tier last year in 2023. While we applied for A-Tier status in 2024, we were denied and didn't get any reasons despite repeated follow up with the PDGA. Our best guess is that it's due to us running the event in-house this year for the first time (another TD ran it previous years). So, it will be a B-Tier this year, just like in 2022. We hope to regain A-Tier status in the future.

Alex Nowak   March 8 at 6:20pm

How mysterious!

Nate Wallen   March 13 at 3:07pm

That's weird. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it!