Northridge Sanctioned Singles Fall longs '22   August 15 at 2:41am


This week, Aug 18th layout and ***RULE CHANGE***

Alt 1, alt 3, alt 5 tee, alt 7 tee, alt 9, and alt 10

Alt 1, alt 3, alt 9, and alt 10

Rule change for longs hole 9
In cat tails in o.b marked section proceed to D.Z with penalty stroke. [If on or over curb in parking lot on first drive, proceed to drop zone.] Mando from shorts only in play.

This change is because it is impossible to tell where the disc goes into the parking lot from long pad 9. So you will now have to go to a drop zone if o.b on your first drive. If o.b parking lot after that, you will just play a meter from where it went out.

I also put some white steaks down that mark o.b for the cattails behind hole 8's basket.