Murder Mitten DGC   March 26 at 8:02pm

2022 Membership

Membership for the 2022 season will cost $40. Since our 2020 club members never received their disc from their membership, and its looking like we never will get them, they will receive a $10 discount on membership this year. So if you were a member in 2020 you will only pay $30 for a membership for the 2022 season.

Members this year will receive a shirt, towel, and a hat. Along with that members will get better payouts in ace pools and the ability to enter the mega pool at our leagues. Members will also have the ability to enter the playoff rounds for our Seymour Sunday league at the end of the year.

Jake "Kuba" Steinbrecher   March 29 at 4:32am

Very nice! Let's go Miles, makes perfect sense.