Club Kensington Winter Doubles 2021-2022   November 28 at 12:00pm

The snow has arrived!

We'll be playing North Shorts today, I'll be out early to shovel the tee pads, I'm not sure if the park has put out salt yet. We're also supposed to get some snow during the round so expect the pads to be a little slick.

Ace pool starts at $0, congrats to AK Birdsall for smashing hole 9 last week for $960. $5 to play, $5 for the ace pool, $3 for the 50/50+disc CTP. I'll also have hand warmers for sale for $1.

Today is the deadline for pre-ordering the MDGO fundraiser discs. Those of you that have reached out, I'll be contacting you today to confirm your order and payment method. Please comment on the other pinned post or hit me or Nick Greene up directly.