Murder Mitten DGC   October 27, 2021 at 9:43pm

End of sundays

The end our our 2021 Seymour Sundays is coming to an end. This Sunday, Halloween, we will have our last week of leagues. If you haven’t joined us on our final week I can tell you it’s the best one. We increase our CTP holes from 1 for $2 to 9 for $7. 1 for cash and 8 for 6 pack beer prizes. Come to play dressed up and you can play for only $5 instead of the usual $10 entry. We will also be drawing the winner for the new Dynamic Discs Recruit practice basket. On top of that it’s the last chance to get in position for the playoff round being held on November 7th. Players who make it to the playoff round will have a chance to compete for the best trophies in disc golf. Who will be the second name on the Crow Cup for our doubles division and who will be the first name on the new Raven Award on our singles division?