Jacob Martinez  › TVDG Tour Series #3   June 21 at 12:52am

Is this still happening? Smallest amount of registered players I’ve ever seen.

Phil Shane   June 21 at 6:43pm

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

Brittany Luman   June 25 at 6:04pm

We had a lot of people that were headed to worlds so we have a super low turnout for this event. We still planned on letting players who have registered play, but with the heat advisory I was thinking of putting it to a vote. I will have an informal players "meeting" email sent out this ev ... more

Brittany Luman   June 25 at 7:42pm

Hi Jacob Martinez & Phil Shane - We have decided to go ahead and postpone this event due to low reg and the heat advisory warning for the weekend. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope we see you all at #4 in July! We just wanted to be sure you all have a great player experience! We're ... more

Phil Shane   June 27 at 4:41am

On PDGA it says this event is complete and waiting results. I sincerely hope this doesn't negatively affect personal ratings.