April - August 2024 • Ann Arbor, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of July 17

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Wednesday, July 24 @ 7:30pm

About this League

Doubles league - 56 all-time players - 42 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
Random draw doubles
$5 weekly buy in to play
Optional: $2 ace pool · $3 CTPs
Registration opens at 7:00pm & will close at 7:30pm when roll call is announced

League News

Nate Krumm   3 days ago

Glow Recap 7.10.2024

Last Wednesday we had a ton of rain come down before league started, which made for some wet & muddy course conditions. We decided to play a Red-Red layout with alternate Hole 7, since it was basically under water. Alternate Hole 7 was Hole 8 Blue's tee pad to Hole 7's basket, both rounds. Crouch/Weilacher took solo first cash with a -16 score! ::claps:: Second through last cash was split evenly between Krumm/Brayton, Quiton/Jones & Howard/Pardo, all teams shooting -15.

Dann ... more


Scott Sprow   July 10 at 6:27pm

Course is wet, but league is a go

Course is pretty wet, some decent puddles out there. Mainly in the normal low areas, and may cause a revision on 1 hole this evening.

Bring water proof socks/shoes, an umbrella, and SEVERAL towels to dry discs off.

See you this evening at Bandemer.

Scott Sprow   July 10 at 6:29pm

Also posted on club's FB page.

Scott Sprow   July 10 at 1:04pm

Rain, Rain, go the F- away....we have disc golf to play

Rain in the forecast for most of the day today but looks like it tappers off the closer we get to league time. It will make for a wet course but we are planning on holding league this evening.

I will be taking a drive out to the course to check on conditions, but expect everything to the wet and probably some puddles as well.

Update on course conditions early afternoon.

Also posted in club FB page.


Nate Krumm   July 6 at 1:46am

Glow Recap 7.3.2024

We had near perfect weather for our round this week with 19 players in attendance at Bandemer. We played a RWB+WR layout which lead to a tie for first & second cash between Common/Thelen & Hall/Gasser, both teams with -12 scores. Last cash went to Quiton/Redman, shooting a -11.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3 - Ladies Only: O’Leary (reg fee)
Hole 4: Krumm (merch)
Hole 8: Quiton (cash)
Hole 9: O’Leary (cash)

Thank you to Joe Arnet for donating an Aviar & a Ricky Wysock ... more


Nate Krumm   June 29 at 6:01pm

Glow Recap 6.26.2024

We had really nice weather for our league round this past Wednesday at Mary Beth Doyle with clear skies & warm temps, but rather humid. 20 players joined for the round of Long Even, Short Odd tee pads. Solo first cash was taken by Quiton/Blansett with a -15 score. Good shooting guys! Second cash went to Wolodkin/Armstrong with a -13 score. Third & last cash was split between Neal/Brayton & Anderson/Weilacher, both teams shooting -12.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 12: Weilacher (cash)
... more


Nate Krumm   June 23 at 9:43pm

Glow Recap 6.19.2024

20 players showed up to MBD for our round last Wednesday even with the possibility of storms. We decided to play the Winter Loop layout (1, 2, 3, 10L/S, 11L/S, 12L/S, 13, 14L/S, 18 x2) to keep everyone close to the parking lot incase storms did come. Good thing we did that since after 9 holes of play, the thunder & lightning storm came through. Sprow blew the air horn & brought everyone back to their cars until the storm passed about 20 minutes later. We resumed play & finished the s ... more


Scott Sprow   June 19 at 4:41pm

Glow Recap - 06.12.24

Warm evening brought out 29 players to play at Bandemer. Hot scores on the BWR-RW layout included a -14 by Krumm/Chilly which took the win. Closely behind at -13 was Quiton/Fifer, which was followed by a number of -12s from Sprow/Blansett, Watts/Common, and Armstrong/Hunt. Those groups chose to evenly split cash and leave the remainder to be included on a CTP for the next league round.

CTPs on the evening:

Hole 4 - Clauder (cash)
Hole 5 - Quiton (merch)
Hole 7 - Herron (cash)
Hole 9 - J ... more


Scott Sprow   June 19 at 2:40pm

League news for 06.19.2024

Chance of some severe weather coming through our area later today, Keeping tabs on it and will notify you if we need to cancel. Hoping to wait a few hours and into afternoon to see what we are dealing with. Keeping everyone safe is more important than throwing plastic.

Also posted on WC Glow FB.

Scott Sprow   June 19 at 8:30pm

Planning on league this evening. Bring an umbrella just in case. See you soon.

Nate Krumm   June 12 at 5:36pm

Glow Recap 6.5.2024

A threatening weather prediction before our round last week may have had an affect on the number of players that came out. We had a group of 17 show up for a round of White & Red pads at Bandemer. No storms came through & we ended up with a beautiful but humid night. There was a 3-way tie for all cashing spots between Watts/Weilacher, DesJardins/Herron & Armstrong/Quiton, all with -14 scores. They decided to split the cash but flip for a single majority payout which resulted in the W ... more


Scott Sprow   June 5 at 12:18pm

League for 06.05.24

We are at Bandemer for this evening's league round.

Wet weather in the forecast for a good part of today, mainly afternoon and into early evening. Please come prepared (rain jackets, umbrellas, extra towels, etc.)

We are intending to hold league this evening and have fingers crossed that most of (if not all) the rain and so forth will be through the area by start time. If we need to cancel due to a change in forecast, a follow up message will be shared later today.

Have a good Wednesday. See you later this evening.


Nate Krumm   June 4 at 5:21pm

Glow Recap 5.29.2024

We had a smaller turnout considering the near perfect weather for league last Wednesday. 22 people came out for the round at Mary Beth Doyle & we decided to run some aces on an all short pad layout. Ideal conditions & a short layout lead to solo first cash being taken by Common/Quiton with a -15 score! Well done friends! Second was taken by Sprow/T.Magner, shooting -14. There was a tie for third & last cash between Clauder/M.Kelly & Thelen/Neal, both teams with -13. They decide t ... more


Nate Krumm   May 29 at 1:58am

Glow Recap 5.22.2024

Beautiful weather brought out a group of 27 players for our round last week at Mary Beth Doyle. We played long tees except for Hole 5, which was blocked by a down tree & lots of shrub growth. Taking solo first cash with a -13 score was Sprow/Quiton. Nice shooting guys! Second cash went to Weilacher/Jones with a -12 on the night. Third & last cash was split between Crouch/Herron & M.Kelly/Chilson, both teams shot -11.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1: Brayton (Ypsi Dubs Merch)
Hole 5: A ... more


Scott Sprow   May 20 at 12:54am

Glow Recap 05.15.24

We had a another good weather evening for league, which brought out 26 players. We played the BWR-RW layout (same as previous week), leading to some similar scores. Carding a -14 was Quiton/Herron. Close on their heels was a trio of -13 by Ritchey/Sprow, Jen W/Rusinek, and Jen T/Armstrong. They chose to split cash, but flip a disc for the bonus amount....which went to Jen W/Rusinek.

CTPs on the evening:

Hole 5 - Quiton (cash)
Hole 7 - Herron (merch)
Hole 8 - Armstrong (cash - long putt)
... more


Scott Sprow   May 15 at 11:35am

League Night!

Looking forward to seeing everyone this evening.

Small bills are apprecaited for league buy in this evening. We are in need of 5's and 1's


Nate Krumm   May 15 at 1:51am

Glow Recap 5.8.2024

We had a beautiful night for our round last Wednesday at Bandemer with clear skies & mild temperatures. There was 23 players that came out to play a BWR + RW layout, which lead to a tie for first & second cash. Trombley/Thelen & Quiton/M.Kelly both shot -14 & decided to flip for the majority of the cash payout, with Trombley/Thelen winning the flip. Third cash was taken by Common/Sprow with a -13 score. Herron/McIntosh grabbed last cash with a -12.

Congratulations to Phil Comm ... more


Scott Sprow   May 7 at 12:06pm

Glow Recap 05.01.24

Our first round of May brought out 19 players to play the Long Odd-Even Short layout at MBD. Weather cooperated as we had low/mid 70s at reg and start of the round with temps only dropping to the mid 60s by the end of play. These conditions led to some great scores on the night, with a -17 turned in by Trombley/Brayton, which took first place. There were a pair of -15s by Paquin/Thelen and Watts/Common. Since these two represented the other two payouts, they flipped a disc with Paquin/Thelen ear ... more

Scott Sprow   May 8 at 8:28pm

Small Bills appreciated for league buy in

Nate Krumm   May 1 at 3:53am

GLOW RECAP 4.24.2024

We had a group of 19 players come out to Mary Beth Doyle last Wednesday for a round of Long Even - Short Odd pads. The weather was clear with decreasing winds & dropping temps. There was a 3-way tie between Sprow/Wolodkin, Armstrong/Powell & Blansett (Cali), all with -12 scores. They decided to split the first through third (last) cash payouts.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3 - Ladies Only: Clauder
Hole 4: Brayton (cash)
Hole 10: Watts (cash)
Hole 13: Magner (merch)

Our May 1st round will be at Mary Beth Doyle. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone for another great WCG league night!


Scott Sprow   April 24 at 3:17pm

League Reminder

We are at MBD this evening for league.

Drive safe and we will see you at league this evening. Reg opens at 7pm. Roll call and teams announced at 7:30.


Nate Krumm   April 21 at 2:26pm

GLOW RECAP 4.17.2024

Heavy storms passed over Ann Arbor only a couple hours before our round this past Wednesday. 26 players came out even with slightly threatening weather, which dissipated & ended up turning into a really nice evening for disc. We played a BWR+RW layout with alternate hole 7 since all 3 of the pads were surrounded by water. We played 8 Blue’s pad to 7’s basket for the alternate hole on both rounds. There was a tie for first & second cash between Wolodkin/Blansett & Quiton/J ... more


Nate Krumm   April 17 at 5:21pm

GLOW RECAP 4.10.2024

31 players came out to Bandemer for our round last week. We had rather warm temps & overcast skies during our RBW+RW layout, which lead to a tie for first & second cash between Clauder/Quiton & Thelen/Redman. Both teams shot -14 & decided to split the cash evenly. Third cash went to Common/Howard with a -13 score. Fourth cash was taken by Trombley/Chilson, shooting -12. Sprow/Brayton took last cash with a -11 score.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1 - Ladies Only: Watts (reg fee)
Ho ... more


Scott Sprow   April 17 at 4:30pm

Strong Storms Possible this afternoon. League still on this evening.

Strong storms are expected to pass though our area of SE Michigan later this afternoon. Timeline for those storms are well before league time and should not impact our time at league. As a reminder, we are at Bandemer this evening.

Be safe this afternoon and we will see you later this evening!

(Also posting on FB to reach additional folks)


Nate Krumm   April 9 at 2:18am

GLOW RECAP 4.3.2024

We kicked off the 2024 Spring/Summer season with 19 players at Bandemer. The weather was threatening to rain, but mostly held off except a few minutes of sprinkles. We played a RW+WR layout, which lead to a 3 way tie between Brayton/Thelen, Trombley/Perras & Quiton/Weilacher. All teams with -12 scores & deciding split the cash & flip for the extra $10. Brayton/Thelen won the flip & took the extra $10.

Matt Neal started the season off strong with a super clean ace on Hole 5 fro ... more

Russell Taint   April 9 at 3:47am

I heard Matt foor faulted on that ace ????‍♂️

Joe Monteith   April 9 at 3:23pm

It seems you foor faulted that comment Taint :)

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