September '19 - March '20 • Ann Arbor, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of December 12

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Wednesday, December 18 @ 7:00pm
Bandemer Park
Ann Arbor, MI

About this League

Doubles league - 55 all-time players - 35 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
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League News

Nate Krumm   2 days ago


A full moon, clear skies & a dusting of snow for our round last night. We had 14 people come out to play a RW alternating + WR alternating layout at Bandemer. Taking first place with an impressive -16 was Neal/Chapman. Nice shooting guys! Second place went to Sprow/Common with a -14 score. Tying for last cash was Krumm/Perras & Plantz/Wiedenfeld with -13 scores. After a disc flip, the money went to Krumm/Perras.

Everybody put your hands together for Matt Neal, who aced Hole 2 from the ... more


Scott Sprow   2 days ago

Holiday Rounds and Secret Santa Disc Exchange

No League Round on Dec 25th (2 weeks from now). We WILL have league on Jan 1st (3 weeks from now).

You have the opportunity to participate in the Secret Santa disc exchange at next week's league (Dec 18th). Completely optional.

Bring a new disc golf related item approximately a $15 value (typical new disc value is around $15)....wrapped of course. Discs should be new, non-inked, and unthrown. Other items are welcome as well (towels, chalk bags, minis, shirts, etc).

If y ... more


Nate Krumm   December 5 at 3:44pm


12 people came out to play a round of white tees & then a round of red tees last night at Bandemer. Weather was a little breezy with some light snow. Taking first cash was Neal/Boucher shooting a -15! Niceeee. Tying for last cash was Chapman/Wiedenfeld & Thelen/Perras with -12 scores. They decided to split the cash evenly between the teams.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Chapman (cash)
Hole 6: Thelen (cash)
Hole 9: Chapman (merch)

Next weeks round (Dec. 11th) we’ll be back at Bandemer with a 7:00pm roll call & announcement time. Registration will open at 6:30pm. See you all then!


Scott Sprow   December 3 at 4:02pm

Reminder: New start time begins this week

Just a reminder that starting with this week's round (Dec 4), we are beginning at 7pm.

Reg will be open at 6:30.


Nate Krumm   November 28 at 5:24am


Pre-Thanksgiving Red-Red shootout! Not ideal weather, but we had 12 people come out to throw a round at Bandemer. Tying for first place & taking both cashing spots with -12 scores was Boucher/Perras & Chapman/Wiedenfeld. They decided to split the cash evenly.

A huge congratulations to Richard Thelen for grabbing an ace on Hole 3 & taking home $197! Excellent shot!

Back to good-old Bandemer for next weeks round (Dec. 4th), but this will be the first round at the new starting tim ... more

Nate Krumm   November 29 at 4:40pm

Forgot to post the CTPs. Hole 3 - Thelen (merch). Hole 5 - Thelen (cash). Hole 7 - Krumm (cash).

Scott Sprow   November 21 at 6:26pm

Another Reminder: Time Change starting Dec 4

Just are reminder:

Starting AFTER Thanksgiving (that would be the Dec 4 round) we will be starting at 7pm.

I will probably post again (maybe a few times) as well as have it announced at next week's league round.


Nate Krumm   November 21 at 3:08pm


Great weather brought 26 players out for a round at Bandemer last night. We played a Red/White + White/Red layout that led to a lot of high scores! Tying for first, second & third cashing spots with -14 scores was Ballios/Common, Thelen/Taint, & Brayton/Boucher. They all decided to split the cash evenly between the teams. There was a 3-way tie for last cash with -13 scores from Perras/Trombley, Neal/Ritchey, & Plantz/Gustafson. After a throw off Perras/Trombley took the cash.

Jen ... more


Nate Krumm   November 14 at 5:14pm


19 players showed up to play in the heavy snow that we received earlier this week! We played the red pads twice since there was so much snow on the ground & the pads were a bit of a mess. Thanks to Frame-o for shoveling the heavy off the pads before Sprow & I could get around to them for scraping & salting.

Top score for the evening was a -15 from Frame/Thelen taking first cash. Second cash went to Chapman/Binienda with a -14 score & last cash went to Ritchey/Sprow with a -13 ... more


Nate Krumm   November 8 at 1:37pm


Had a clear & chilly night for our round this past Wednesday at MBD. 19 players came out to play a round of Long tee pads with alternate holes 1 & 3. There was a pair of -13 scores by Sprow/Chapman & Common/Selig. They decided to split the first & second cashing spots evenly. Taking last cash was Thelen/Watts with a -12.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Neal (taco bell)
Hole 8: Selig (merch)
Hole 12: Watts (cash)

Next weeks round (Nov. 13th) will be at Bandemer! Looking forward to seeing you all then. Have a nice weekend.

Timmy Redman   November 8 at 5:11pm

Matt Neal won a taco bell ctp? Hilarious

Nate Krumm   November 8 at 6:19pm

Well, it was technically a cash CTP... but we all know where it was going. haha

Timmy Redman   November 9 at 2:58am


Nate Krumm   November 2 at 3:52pm


12 players came out for a rain filled night from tee off to finish at Bandemer. We played 1 round of red tees & 1 round of white tees leading to a tie for the two cashing spots. Jones/Herron & Plantz/Thelen both shot -13 and decided to split the cash evenly between the teams.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 4: Walker (cash)
Hole 5: Plantz (cash)
Hole 7: Herron (merch)

We’re headed to Mary Beth Doyle for next weeks round on Nov. 6th. See you all then!


Nate Krumm   October 24 at 7:01pm


First off, thank you all for being patient & putting up with me during registration & the beginning of the round last night. We had an excellent turn out last night with 27 people coming to play long pads including alternate holes 1 & 3 at Mary Beth Doyle.

Taking first cash with a -14 score was Common/Fifer. Second cash went to Neal/Evans with a -13. There was a 4-way tie for the last two cashing spots with -12 scores. Chapman (cali), Selig/Herron, Boucher/Miller & Brayton/Red ... more


Scott Sprow   October 23 at 12:36pm

Glow 10.23


We are at MBD tonight. Please see Nate Krumm for registration. I am parent conferences just down the street and should be there right about the time we head out to start the round this evening.


Nate Krumm   October 17 at 2:10pm


Windy & cool weather for last nights round at Bandemer. We had 19 players come to throw an alternating Red/White teepad layout.

Taking home first cash with a -12 score was Neal/Trombley. There was a 3-way tie for the second & third cashing spots with -11 scores. Sprow/Watts, Thelen/Jones & Boucher (cali) flipped for the decision. Thelen/Jones ended up taking second cash & Sprow/Watts took third cash.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Taint (merch)
Hole 5: Neal (cash)
Hole 7: Bo ... more


Nate Krumm   October 10 at 8:39pm


Absolutely beautiful evening with clear skies & near full moon at MBD last night! Had 19 players show up to play a round from the Long Tees including the WC Glow alternate layout on holes 1 & 3.

Tying for first & second cash spots with -14 scores was Brayton/Fitins & and Fifer/Common. They decided to split the cash evenly. Taking last cash with a -13 score was Sprow/Neal.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Selig (cash)
Hole 12: Crouch (cash)
Hole 14: Chilly (merch)

Heading to ... more


Nate Krumm   October 3 at 12:36pm


Another rain filled round that Mary Beth Doyle gave us last night. We had 12 players come out & shoot in the rain the entire evening. Ended up playing from the short pads since it was pretty nasty out.

Top score from Sprow/Chapman of -15 in the garbage weather was really good! Great job guys. There was a tie for 2nd place/last cash between Krumm/Neal & Common/Jones. We decided to split it evenly since nobody wanted to throw more in the rain.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Perras (merc ... more


Scott Sprow   October 2 at 1:22pm

The "Common" Curse

Apparently Phil has been talking bad about MBD again.....looks like we are going to have rain this evening. We simply CAN NOT catch a break with this course.

Please come prepared for wet conditions and bring an umbrella. If needed we can play the short layout but that will depend on conditions closer to tee-off.

See you this evening.

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Joe Anttila   October 2 at 6:27pm

Phil “The Weatherman-Puttimus Prime” Common

Bo Fought   October 2 at 6:34pm

More like "Pessimist Prime" am I right. :)

Joe Anttila   October 2 at 8:03pm


Nate Krumm   September 27 at 4:01pm


We had one of the bigger turnouts in a little while for our round at Bandemer this past Wednesday. 29 people showed up to play the W,B,R + B,R,W layout on a beautiful early fall evening.

Top score of the night was -16 from Plantz/Jopps taking home the first cash spot. Second cash was taken by Thelen/Selig shooting -13. Third cash went to Common/Doman with a -12 and there was a tie for last cash between Perras/Crouch and Krumm/Chapman with -11 scores. Perras/Crouch took the cash after a flip.
... more


Nate Krumm   September 20 at 6:04pm


Had an excellent night for our first round of the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter league! Weather was perfect & we had a turnout of 20 players to play a R,W,B + B,W,R layout at Bandemer.

Top score for the night was an unstoppable -16 from Brayton/Chapman. Killer shooting guys! There was a tie with -12 scores for the last two cashing spots. Krumm/Neal took 2nd cash with a coin flip over Chilson/Perras, who took 3rd cash.

Congrats to Josh Gustafson took home $69 after acing Hole 1 from the Red pad ... more


Scott Sprow   September 18 at 1:10pm

League Tonight


We are starting our Fall/Winter league session this evening at Bandemer.

I will have our new hats and performance hoodies on site for purchase. Great items for upcoming fall weather.

Royal blue in color, sizes S-XL for sure. I recall seeing 2XL in there as well.

See you this evening.


Scott Sprow   September 9 at 6:18pm

First League Round 9/18

First league night is NEXT week, 9/18 at Bandemer!

As an added plus, we some new WC Glow apparel available:
-WC GLOW Embroidered baseball caps (flex-fit) in 3 different colors (Black, Royal, Red). They are being sold for $22.
-Performance Hoodies (great for fall and winter) featuring a revised WC GLOW girl on the back (thank you Nate Krumm). being sold for $40.

Hat & Hoodie Combo (save a few dollars by getting both): $55

Have a great week. See you all on the 18th for our first Fall/Winter Round.

Sean McCoy   September 12 at 1:21am

What color is the hoodie? And all sizes yes?

Scott Sprow   September 12 at 1:13pm

Royal Blue with white graphics & writing. I ordered in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL (will need to verify if there are 3XL)