Saggy Britches - Travel League

March - October 2023 • Ypsilanti, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool #2

as of March 29

Ace pool

as of March 29

Next league day

Tuesday, April 4 @ 5:30pm


Mar 28, 2023 · Top scores
Detroit Palmer Park
Pro Tees, 18 holes
-10 47
Dave Cox
-9 48
Foulkrod, Jacob
-9 48
Brett Marchel
-9 48
Sean Dietrich
Overall standings
1Sean Dietrich61.5
2Brett Marchel56.5
3Cody Martin49.5
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About this League

Singles league - 38 all-time players - 38 active players
$20.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
Saggy Britches Disc Golf is pleased to start our travel league for another year! Last Card will go off at 5:30p - earlier cards will go when they have at least 3 players. News: We have been given 1 berth to award this year to the Amateur State Championship. This berth will be awarded by your performance in the first 10 weeks of the travel league. The first 10 rounds will be individual performance based so no doubles, dice, or ript revenge. If you're not familiar with our lea ...
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League News

Sean Dietrich   2 days ago

Park at the Police Station

Reminder Park at the police station at the north side of the course

Todd Cavender   2 days ago


Sean Dietrich   3 days ago

Week 3 - Bag Swap Palmer Park

Happy Monday everyone, up this week we have a bag swap round. This is a great opportunity to try out some new discs from you friends bags.

We will be playing shorts so plenty of birdie and ace opportunities and we plan send off 4 person cards, and there may be some benevolent bag swapping, we will try to avoid you getting a bag similar to what you throw.


If you have a special disc or colle ... more


Sean Dietrich   March 22 at 1:12pm

Week 2 Recap 3.21.23

We had a good showing of 22 players to brave the Foz. Thanks to all who have gone to the past couple volunteer days there it's way better than it was.

We will invite everyone back to come help on the next volunteer day. We may rent a wood chipper and brush hog to do a bit more clearing tbd.

Now for the round results: Cody came out and shot a white hot -7 for first place and Shane shot a -4.

Cash CTP went to Scott F - on hole 17
Merch CTP - Dynamic Discs Truth - Ryan B on ho ... more


Sean Dietrich   March 20 at 12:17pm

Week 2 - Rolling Hills Fozzy Mids

This week we are doing a midrange only round (4-5 speed) at the recently cleared out Foz and it's supposed to be warm out!

Rules are pretty simple but I'm sure I'll have questions anyway:

1. You can only use midranges until you are in C1
2. You can use as many discs as you want
3. C2 putts you'll have to putt with a midrange

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there, we received the rest of our prodigy order. $20 for league membership and $15 for each addition ... more


Sean Dietrich   March 15 at 11:35am

Week 1 Summer League Recap 3.14.23

To celebrate Pi Day we had some Little Caesars for everyone who came out.

We had a balmy 34 degrees and 15mph wind for our first summer league round, but that didn't stop 23 of you from coming out to play.

Ryan B came in first after deciding to turn his round into a 1 disc round with the buzzz

Jay B came in second using a white disc in the snow

Dale C came in third with a nice handful of park jobs and smart plays.

Thomas V - merch CTP (picked out a Brodie hoodie for his girl ... more


Sean Dietrich   March 13 at 4:08pm

Week 1 - Starter Pack Challenge - Lakeshore Woods

There’s lots of excitement about our first travel league round tomorrow. I’ve had a couple questions so I’ll clarify some confusion

- 3 discs only (no more)

- the mold must come in a starter pack so no buzzz OS if the starter pack only offers a buzzz

- if the disc isn’t on the starter pack list just bring proof it comes in a starter pack if you want to use it

- You can use any grade of plastic you don’t have to throw DX you can use champ or star

- Don ... more

Todd Cavender   March 14 at 2:54pm

Can't wait to see everyone. DON'T FORGET TO STICK AROUND for PRIZES tonight. If you were in the TOP 24 you got something! Can't wait for the warmth to get here.

Sean Dietrich   February 6 at 8:58pm

First 10 Weeks - Amateur State Championship Berth Details

1- Roller Derby - Lakeshore Ponds
2- Midranges Only - The Foz
3- Bag Swap - Palmer Park
4- Putters Only (no zones) - Kensington Blue
5- Safari Round - The Hill
6- Fairway Fun (6-10 speed)- Wagner Park Royal Oak
7.Mary Beth Raceway- (10 speed+ until inside c1) -MBD
8- Lid Round (175g ultimate frisbees) - Bandemere Park AA
9- Prove it Drive - (worst drive of 2) - Northridge Church
10-Starter Pack Challenge (3 disc only) - Lakeshore Woods

**All courses will use short pads**

Sean Dietrich   February 8 at 5:46pm

Depending on the course conditions at lakeshore we may swap starter pack and roller derby to try to get drier ground.

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