Revolution Disc Golf

April - August 2019 • Canton, Georgia
Singles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Aug 24, 2019 · Top scores
Sequoyah Park
Regular Tees (9 and 14 Long Pin), 18 holes
-5 51
Brian Damerow
-2 54
Jesse Williams
+13 69
Mark Sheldon
Overall standings
1Jesse Williams36
2Nathan Skinner34
3Brian Damerow27
4Evan Frisbee18.5
5Austin Grigg7
6DJ Holmes5
7Nick Cedro3.5
8David Keiss3
8Adam Tiller3
1Kian Sedighi44
2Mark Sheldon38
3Forrest Bearden27
4Daniel Boerner20
5Justin Bousfield19
6Trevor Scott16.5
7Ben Sparks7
8Amanda Scott6
9Garett Snyder1.5
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About this League

Singles league - 18 all-time players - 0 active players
No fee to play in this league
•Weekly rounds played on Sunday afternoon, typically in Canton, GA. Points-based system that runs through the end of the summer! •You earn points based on the number of people who played in your division for the round, and what position you placed. Ex: For a 5-person round, the player who comes in first would earn 5 points, second would earn 4 points, third would earn 3 points, fourth would earn 2 points, and fifth would earn 1 point. In the event of a tie for a position, you split ...
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League News

Jesse Williams   August 8 at 10:12pm


JOY HOUSE THIS SUNDAY!! Starting at our usual time (2:30pm) we'll be going to the Joy House in Jasper to help install the final 6 baskets on their private course, and then we get to play the course! The baskets are already set in concrete, we just gotta dig holes and drop in the ground. Nathan & I played a tournament there earlier this year and can both attest that it's a rad course. No need to bring tools, the Joy House will provide those, but it would be a good idea to bring a pa ... more


Jesse Williams   July 13 at 12:41am

July 7 Round Recap

Hey! We finally mixed it up and played at Not-Sequoyah this past weekend! Holla to all who showed up. Fun times were had indeed.

Hot Rounds this week go to Nathan Skinner in Open with a SMOKING 7 down (49) and Forrest Bearden in Rec with a 69.

Keep it tasty out there folks & remember to #ThrowDiscraft


Jesse Williams   July 6 at 10:43pm

June 30th Round Recap

Sorry I'm a little late in posting this!

Hot rounds go to DJ Holmes in Open with a 56, and Kian Sedighi in Rec with a 70. Nice work!

NOTE: this week (Sunday 7/7 @ 2:30p) we will be playing at Oregon Park. Open will play Gold to Gold layout, and we can take a vote as to which layout Rec wants to play! See you all there.


Jesse Williams   June 20 at 5:48pm

Upcoming Sunday, June 23rd Round

Don't forget, this Sunday's league round is at Etowah Riverside Park in Cartersville. Usual start time: 2:30pm. Bring a $5 bill (or 5 ones I suppose) and your A-game!


Jesse Williams   June 17 at 3:15pm

June 16th Round Recap

This round officially marks the halfway point in our summer Revolution League! Can't believe we've already logged 11 standard league rounds. Also, happy Fathers Day to all the dads in the league!

Hot rounds for this week go to Trevor Scott in Rec with a 67, and Brian Damerow in Open with a 55. Nice shootin' boys!

Remember, next week we play at Etowah Riverside Park in Cartersville. Don't forget to bring $5 CASH - that is the day pass fee the park charges when you come i ... more


Jesse Williams   June 9 at 10:50pm

June 9th Round Recap

The tale of the rain shower that never showed up! Good stuff as always this week guys.

Hot Rounds this week go to Daniel in Rec with a 77, and Brian in Open with a 57!

Just a heads up, next Sunday is Fathers day, so there will likely be no league. If people do decide to go out and play anyhow, just send me your scorecard! The Sunday after that (June 23) we will plan to play Etowah Riverside Park.


Jesse Williams   June 3 at 2:33am

June 2nd Round Recap

Awesome round today people! And wrapping up just before the bottom fell out of the sky too.

Hot rounds this week go to Kian Sedighi in Rec with a 69, and Nathan Skinner in Open with a smokin' 49! Good shootin.

For next Sunday (June 9th) we'll be playing a course other than Sequoyah. I'm going to put out a FB message with a poll, please let me know which course you'd like to play most. Options are Wills Park, Etowah Riverside Park or Oregon Park. (You can also comment on this thread to vote.)


Jesse Williams   May 27 at 3:18pm

May 26th Round Recap

Great round this past Sunday everybody! It's cool to see lower and lower scores coming in each week. Hot rounds this week go to Forrest in Rec with a 66 (a new PR for him at Sequoyah!) and Jesse in Open with a 50.

In the next couple of weeks I'd like to mix up which course we play at for a week or maybe two. I was thinking of either Wills Park, Etowah Riverside (Cartersville), Oregon Park or Nathan had mentioned the Joy House course in Jasper! Let me know which one you guys would like to play most for league!

See you all again June 2nd for our next league day at Sequoyah!

Mark Sheldon   May 27 at 11:46pm

I’m down for any of those.

Jesse Williams   May 18 at 10:19pm

...AND We're Back!

Reminder that we're back on for league this Sunday, May 19th at the usual time - 2:30p at Sequoyah! See you all there!


Jesse Williams   May 3, 2019 at 11:38pm

This Sunday

Hey All! Just a heads up that I won't be able to play in this Sunday's league. I'm unfortunately scheduled to travel for work at the exact time that league takes place! Have fun, I look forward to seeing who puts up the hot rounds this week!


Jesse Williams   April 29, 2019 at 2:03pm

First round in the books

Awesome first round of League everybody!
Hot rounds go to Jesse in open with a 54, and Forrest in Rec with a 69! Also an interesting 3 way tie for 2nd place in Open. Nice work guys.

Don't forget, if you know anyone else that wants to join, invite them! Lets grow this thing. We'll meet again next Sunday at 2:30pm at Sequoyah Park.

Jesse Williams   April 29, 2019 at 2:04pm

I've also posted official OB rules for both Open and Rec in the comments section!

Jesse Williams   April 28, 2019 at 12:59pm

Opening Day! Sun, Apr 28th

Hey all! Just a reminder that our first league day is today at 2:30pm at Sequoyah Park Disc Golf Course. Hope to see you all there and look forward to having a good time!