Pro Northridge Fall Sanctioned League

August - October 2021 • Plymouth, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Ace pool #2Seed pot

as of September 18

Ace pool

as of September 18

Next league day

Thursday, September 23 @ 5:00pm
NorthRidge Church
Plymouth, MI
PDGA results August 12 - October 7


Sep 16, 2021 · Top scores
NorthRidge Church
Longs W/ Temp A and 8 to 9's basket, 18 holes
-9 50
Adam McPherson
-7 52
Ben Steskal
-4 55
Ryan Traud
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About this League

Singles league - 29 all-time players - 29 active players
$1.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
Singles Sanctioned League Thursday nights.
No League fee to join
Ace pool max $500 100% payout
$1 League fee for a sanctioned round
$2 Ace Pool
$2 50/50 CTP half going to raise funds for tee pads and course maintenance
$5 for Cash payout
$10 all in

League News

Brian Sweet   September 12 at 2:59am

Starting this week 9/16/21

Moving the start time (tee off) to 5:00


Brian Sweet   September 3 at 1:43pm

O.b and hazard updates so please read starting (9/9/21)

Updated o.b and hazard list for all layouts starting next week. Some changes so please read.

1. Path and grass before is hazard. Play where disc lies with one stroke penalty.
2. If missed mando proceed to drop zone with one stroke penalty. Over painted line o.b. curb and parking lot o.b
3. If missed mando re tee. Curb and parking lot o.b. over painted line o.b, woodchips and driveway long o.b.
4. Sidewalk and over o.b. pond o.b
5. Sidewalk and over o.b. first pond o.b. second pond has pai ... more


Brian Sweet   August 23 at 12:57am


Pros will play all longs with temp 1 and temp 4 pads.


Brian Sweet   August 10 at 1:21pm

Update on layouts for Aug 12.

Thursday Aug 12th 2021 5:30pm tee off Fall league

Ams code Nram (AM2)
Pros code Nrpro (MPO FPO)
Shorts code Nrshort (Am4 Am50 Fa2)

Am 2 will play all longs.
Novice, Am50, and Am50 will play all shorts.

Pros will play all longs with a temp long pad on hole 5 par 5 at 700' that I will mark out with flags.
Also pros will play a temp long on hole 7 par 4 450'