No Bounds Weekly 2024 Spring Summer

March - July 2024 • Ypsilanti, Michigan
Singles league

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Friday, May 31 @ 8:00pm
Bandemer Park
Ann Arbor, MI


May 24, 2024 · Top scores
Kensington Metropark
Black Locust South
Short tees, 18 holes
-9 50
Joshua Morgan
-7 52
Alex Martin
-7 52
Christiaan Deasy
-7 52
Jeffrey Danes
-7 52
Eric Stout
Overall standings
1Tom Chrobak189.5
2Alex Martin180.5
3Christiaan Deasy171
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Leaderboard updated 5/26/24

About this League

Singles league - 59 all-time players - 55 active players
No fee to play in this league
You need a UDisc account to play each week (free one is fine). You have from 8 am Saturday until 8 pm on Friday to play the course; alone or with friends. Record your score in the UDisc app and you can check how you stack against others throughout the week. I'll post everyone's scores on here on Friday night. There is no charge to play and no ace pool. Just show up and play your round. You can play 2 rounds a week and we'll keep your best score. Players will get 1 point for pl ...
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League News

Benjamin Pierce   5 days ago

Week 9 Results & Bandemer Red & White

Congrats to Joshua Morgan as he had the hot round again this week with a score of 50 (-8). Great shooting!

With the holiday weekend coming up we'll play at Bandemer and play the Red & White tees. When you score your rounds the Red tees will be Holes 1-9 and the White tees will be Holes 10-18.

We've had 17 players earn their invite to our tourney in July for the State Berths. Now there are only 6 weeks left to get your 7 rounds in.

Have a good week!


Benjamin Pierce   May 18 at 2:34pm


UDisc update means you have to find the league this week in the events tab if you can’t find it when creating scorecard.


Benjamin Pierce   May 18 at 2:36am

Week 8 Results & Kensington Green

Congrats to Joshua Morgan with the hot round of 48 (-6). We had 33 players last week.

Tomorrow we are at Kensington and playing the Green course. OB will be over any fences. And there may have been a gator sighting in the lake there so keep your eyes peeled.

We've had 11 players earn their invite to our tourney in July for the State Berths. There are now only 7 more weeks left so any new players will need to play each of the next 7 weeks.

I have also changed the leaderboards to ... more


Benjamin Pierce   May 12 at 1:58am

Week 7 Results & Hudson Mills OG

Congrats to Jeffrey Danes for having the hot round at Cass Benton shooting a 49 (-6). 35 players played last week and the easiest hole for the week was Hole 7. And the most difficult holes were 3 & 4.

We are at Hudson Mills this week to play the OG course. 18 holes from the shorts. OB will be in the water on the swamp holes.

We've had 5 people earn their invites to our tourney in July for the State Berths. Please send me your PDGA number or email so I can attach to your disc golf scene page and send the invites to those who earn it. You still have 8 more weeks to get in your 7 rounds.


Benjamin Pierce   May 11 at 12:14pm

Schedule Change

Just a reminder that we are at Hudson Mills this week to play the OG course instead of Kensington. Sorry for the delay.


Benjamin Pierce   May 3 at 2:30am

Week 5 Results & one more day for the Gulch

We had 33 players play the Ponds last week with the top score going to Joshua Steiner with a score of 51. Great round. There are 10 more weeks to get your 7 rounds in and get your invite to our doubles round where you can win your berth to States. One more day left to get in a round at the Gulch this week. So far the top round is a 53 and 32 players have gotten a round in.

Starting on Saturday we will be at Cass Benton. Scores for this week will come early next week.


Benjamin Pierce   April 27 at 4:35am

The Gulch

The course for this week is the Gulch. OB will be the Swamp on the Gulch hole, if you don't make it across go to the drop zone. I'll update last weeks scores later this weekend.


Benjamin Pierce   April 20 at 1:41am

Week 5 Lakeshore the Ponds & Week 4 Results

A three way tie at the top of the leaderboards this week between Zachary Brickner, Tom Chrobak, and Bill Karr with a score of 55 (-3). We had 27 players this week play 39 rounds.

We are heading to Lakeshore to play the Ponds starting tomorrow. OB this week will be over any fences and over any rock walls.

Good Luck this week at the Ponds.


Benjamin Pierce   April 13 at 11:41am

Week 4 Indy East & Week 3 Results

Congrats to Steve Young on having the hot round of 51 (-4) at the Monster. I will have scores and others posted later this weekend.

In the meantime we are back to Indy to play the East course this week. OB will be in the Swamp on Hole 9. If there is water anywhere else on the course you can treat it as casual and play from behind it.

Good Luck this week at Indy East!


Benjamin Pierce   April 6 at 1:27am

Week 3 Hudson Mills Monster & Week 2 Results

We are at Hudson Mills Monster starting tomorrow. Playing 1-18 from the shorts. OB will be completely surrounded by water on Holes 1, 2, 17, & 18 and on or over any roads.

Congrats to Christiaan Deasy for having the hot round of 53 (-2). We had 18 players play 26 rounds.

If you want me to link your disc golf scene account to your league scores please send me a message with your pdga number or email and I will get that taken care of.

Good Luck this week at Hudson Mills Monster!


Benjamin Pierce   March 30 at 11:43am

Week 2 Indy West & Week 1 Results

We are at Independence Lake this week to play the Red Hawk West course. OB will be the pond on Hole 4 & swamp on Hole 14 if your disc is completely surrounded by water. If so throw from the drop zones. If there is standing water on the course and your disc lands in it, treat it as casual and take casual relief behind it in line with the basket.

Last week we had 27 players come out and play 43 rounds. No aces but every hole did get birdied at least once. Congrats to Bill Karr & Zachar ... more

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Jeff Danes   May 4 at 2:25am


Benjamin Pierce   May 6 at 11:43am

All set Jeff, thanks for playing!

Jeff Danes   May 8 at 6:44am

Thank you

Benjamin Pierce   March 21 at 2:21am

Week 1 Mary Beth Doyle

Week 1 starts this Saturday March 23rd! You'll have from 8 am Saturday until 8 pm Sunday March 29th. We are playing 1-18 from the shorts at MBD. There is no OB this week as we all knock that rust off our arms and chains.

For those of you who are interested in meeting up and playing a round we will be doing that Sunday afternoon at 1:30 pm. We'll meet up and split into groups and throw our rounds. Good Luck this week!

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