NEO East Side Virtual Disc Golf League

May - May 2020 • Euclid, Ohio
Singles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


May 29, 2020 · Top scores
Punderson State Park
Reds to Long Pins - Concrete, 18 holes
A Pool
-5 54
PK Deaner$30
-4 55
Mike Thomas$24
E 59
Bill Adamin$18
+1 60
Greg Garrett$12
+3 62
Tony Hall$8
+4 63
Bill Perry$2
+4 63
Brian Carter
+4 63
Kevin McCollum$2
B Pool
+5 64
Rick Gzesh$30
+7 66
Bob Way$22
+10 69
Brad Silvers$14
+11 70
Scott Williams
+11 70
Tad Davis$6
+12 71
Chris Jackson
C Pool
+21 75
Jack Way$12
+31 85
Becky Jackson
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Leaderboard updated 6/2/20

About this League

Singles league - 51 all-time players - 0 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
NEO East Side Virtual Disc Golf League Rules 1. This league will be a Singles league, with A, B, and C Pools. Pool clarifications are posted at the bottom of this sheet. All 4 of the main east side courses will be used (Sims, Osborne, Painesville, and Punderson) with 1 round played at each course during the league. The league schedule will also be at the bottom of this sheet. League results will be tracked on and have a league page of the same name. Updates will be poste ...
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League News

Larry Bright Jr.   May 29 at 1:02pm

Week 4 Begins Today!!

League rounds for our final week at the beautiful yet challenging Punderson Disc Golf begin today!!! Don't forget to follow the usual protocol by paying before you play your round, scheduling your round via post, and to submit your scorecards ASAP after your round.

Also, please be sure to reference the OB post for any questions during your round, as OB is abundant at Pundy. Please note the slight changes to water OBs (ignoring the ropes in some areas), the Island Rules, and Hole 4 OB rul ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 28 at 1:36pm

Week 4 --- PUNDERSON!!!

Week 4 is also our League Finale and will take us to the gem of a course at Punderson. All competitors will be Red tees, with A and B Pools playing Reds to Longs (including the Island Pin on Hole 2), and C Pool playing Reds to Shorts. Long pins are on holes 2, 9, 12, and 15. The Red to Long par is 59, with Red to Short at a par of 54. Below you will find the OBs for each hole and rules for the Island Pin on Hole 2 for the A and B players:

Course OBs in Play:

Hole 1 - Pine Lake (behind bask ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 26 at 12:48am

Week 3 is complete! Punderson finale is next!!!!

Week 3 is n the books. One player got out today (with a witness who played their round earlier in the week) to bring our total up to 32 for this week. Scores are posted and payouts have been sent.

For the final week at Punderson next week, we will be doing the following format:

A and B Pool - Reds to Longs (including Hole 2 Island)

C Pool - Reds to Shorts

For the Island, the wooden planks surrounding the green are the OB line. If your shot does not land safely in bounds, a rethrow ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 24 at 1:17pm

Scorecard Submission

Once scorecards are submitted, they are considered finalized. I will not be making or accepting changes to scores once cards have been turned in. If this was any type of other event, the same would exist. Please make sure your scores are accurate before submitting.

It's another nice day out there...get on out and get your round in if you haven't done so yet!!!


Larry Bright Jr.   May 24 at 1:16pm

Week 3 Update

20 total players yesterday hit The Pond for their rounds, including 6 A Pool, 10 B Pool, and 4 C Pool players. 2 days left to get in your round for Week 3!! Get out there an throw down!!! Weather should be good through tomorrow, so enjoy it while you can!!!


Larry Bright Jr.   May 22 at 10:19pm

Better weather coming!!

Another rainy league day, but rest assured, the rest of this weekend and the holiday look decent for your league rounds. Just a couple reminders for Week 3:

Prepay for your round via Paypal

Schedule your round either here or on DGS

Message your scorecard after your round ASAP

Thanks and good luck!! Let's get this back up to 30 total this week, as we had 30 week 1 and 27 for week 2!!!


Larry Bright Jr.   May 21 at 2:16pm

Week 3 begins tomorrow!!

Week 3 begins tomorrow at The Pond in Painesville!!! Don't forget to follow the standard protocol of paying for your league before playing, scheduling your round via post (here or on DGS), and sending your scorecard in a timely fashion!! Rounds can be played any day beginning tomorrow through Memorial Day. And weather looks much more optimal t his week!!

OBs for The Pond will be in play and will match the OBs listed on the tee signs. See below for details:

Hole 1 - park road on the ri ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 18 at 11:23pm

Week 2 is Complete!!!

This week is officially complete with 27 players playing their league rounds at the Oz. Results and payouts will most likely be taken care of tomorrow night. Thanks to all the players for participating and get ready for next week's round at The Pond in Painesville.


Larry Bright Jr.   May 17 at 10:26pm

Week 2 Upate

I am seeing a very wide range of scores this week and it has me wondering and concerned. Considering I played yesterday (along with 90% of you) and know how that wind was, I tend to find it worrisome that C Players are throwing as good as if not better than most B Players and even a couple A Players. This is the result of either 2 scenarios: 1. Players are playing down a Pool. or 2. Players are not being honest with their scores. In that wind yesterday, 10 foot putts were not easy. I was there, ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 16 at 1:26pm

Pick Day for this week is today!!!

Get out there today!!! No rain in the forecast, unlike tomorrow and Monday. Course will be wet though, so plan accordingly.


Larry Bright Jr.   May 15 at 12:52am

Week 2 Starts Tomorrow!

Week 2 at Osborne Park in WIlloughby begins tomorrow!!! League rounds can be played at any time beginning tomorrow through this following Monday (5/18). Please remember these simple rules:

1. Send payment before your round to PayPal (Friends and Family) to [email redacted]

2. Post on this page (or the page) before your round to "schedule" your round. Groups must be 2-4 players per card.

3. Send an image of the scorecard to me via messenger or text within ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 12 at 8:29pm

Week 2 Begins Friday!!!


Week 2 begins this coming Friday (5/15) and run through Monday (5/18)!! This round is at Osborne Park will Willoughby playing 2 rounds of 9 for an 18 hole layout.

OBs for Osborne Park are in play and include:
Hole 1 -- on or over the road behind the basket (drop zone if OB)
Hole 2 - Lake Erie and over the fence on the left
Hole 3 - Lake Erie
Hole 4 - Lake Erie and residential yards (over the fences)
Holes 5 and 6 - Residential yards (over the f ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 12 at 1:56am

Week 1 is Complete!!

Week 1 Results are up!!! 30 total players, with 7 A Pool, 18 B Pool, and 5 C Pool players!! Great turnout!! Congrats to Pk Deaner (A), Dave Hotchkiss (B), and Jen Way (C) for their wins, with Dave shooting the only under par score in some windy conditions with a -1!!!! Payouts are going to be sent out shortly.


Larry Bright Jr.   May 10 at 6:23pm

Tomorrow is the last day to qualify for Week 1!!

We are now up to 23 players after a few more groups playing today. Don't forget tomorrow is your last day to qualify for Week 1!! Get out there while you can!!!


Larry Bright Jr.   May 10 at 12:03am

Week 1 Update

We are halfway in for the Week 1 league round with 15 total players braving some cold and windy conditions on the shore of The Great Erie at Sims Park!!! So far we've had 3 A Pool players, 9 B Pool players, and 3 C Pool players. Let's get this closer to 25-30 before it's all done!! It's gonna be a nice day tomorrow, so it may be your best bet for some decent conditions. Rain is in the forecast later in the day and the same for Monday. So get out there while you can!!!!


Larry Bright Jr.   May 7 at 11:38pm

First League Round Begins Tomorrow!!

First League Round begins tomorrow! and run through Monday!! This round is at Sims Park, playing the standard 20 hole layout.

OBs for Sims Park are in play and include:
Hole 1 -- on or over the path behind the basket
Hole 2 - Lake Erie
Lakeshore Blvd (Holes 11, 15, 16, and A)
Park Driveway (Holes A and B)
A 1 stroke penalty should be incurred if you go OB and the next shot should be taken from where you went OB.

A few key reminders:

1. Be sure to prepay for your round. Payment ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 7 at 2:05am

League Rules have been updated!

This is primarily for the use of the A, B, and C Pools. Please take a look. This can be found on the "About" section of this league and the League Rules document posted on the Facebook page as an Announcement.


Larry Bright Jr.   May 7 at 1:37am

Updated League Pool Information

After much thought and some player feedback, I've decided to make this league A, B, and C Pools. I want to keep a fair competitive balance for all players and also want to ensure new players have a chance. Below you find the guidelines for each Pool.

A Pool -- Averages an under par round at each course. Using PDGA standards, this should be any player who plays Advanced or Open and some Intermediate players (920 + rated).

B Pool -- Averages par to 8 over during a round at each course. ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 6 at 12:09am

Payout and Pool Information

Below you will find the League Payout scale. Keep in mind that we are doing A and B Pools. Clarification on Pools is below. I am contemplating a possible C Pool for some players, as the line between A and B can be very narrow. But the difference between B players can be quite significant. I want this league to be fair and fun for all. So I will be very strict when it comes to the league rules and what Pool players play in. I do reserve the right to bump folks that are obviously bagging. I also w ... more


Larry Bright Jr.   May 2 at 1:42am

First League Rounds starts Friday 5/8/2020!!!

Week 1 will be at Sims Park in Euclid with a 20 hole standard layout (including holes 1 and 2). Rounds can be played any time on Friday May 8th through Monday May 11th Please be sure to do the following:

1. Prepay for your round via Paypal (payment details in league description). Entry should be paid before you round is started.

2. Schedule your round by posting here or on the Facebook page. Rounds must be scheduled!!! Your payment and post must coincide times.

3. Play with at least one ... more

Larry Bright Jr.   May 4 at 12:26am

Also, when scheduling your round, please be sure to indicate A or B pool. Baggers will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly ;)