Mnt Pingree Summer 2019

April - August 2019 • Howell, Michigan
Mixed league

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Mixed league - 48 all-time players - 14 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$5.00 ace pool entry
It’s gonna be a great season at Mnt Pingree Summer 2019! We will typically play dubs when we have an even number of players and singles when we have an odd number players unless the numbers are large. Cali ACES only payout on the first drive. 2nd drive cards a 1 but doesn’t payout the ACE Pool.

League News

Joe Anttila   August 19 at 3:18pm

Mnt Pingree League Party this Thursday

This is the last scheduled league for the season. We’ll send it off with a League Party. I’ll have a grill your own hot dog bar set up and fireworks for after the round. If you want to bring fireworks, we’ll light them off. BYOB. If you want to get loose, bring a tent. Weather looks great to celebrate another excellent season at Mnt Pingree!


Joe Anttila   May 31 at 3:54am


Herbst made a most excellent shot on Hole 12 for $1120. Firsts time Hole 12 has been hit in my recollection. Biggest ACE POOL Mnt Pingree has ever paid out! Super Sick! Ace Pool opens this next week at $480. Good Luck to ALL! Peace and Love


Joe Anttila   May 17 at 2:34am

I <3 Tacos!

Great night of Mnt Pingree League! Ya’lol make it the best league! Thanks for coming out! PEACE and LOVE


Joe Anttila   May 9 at 3:38pm

Soggy When Wet

Looks like it’s got potential to be dicey tonight at League. I’m still planning on being open and playing through the rain. We will be mindful of safety if there is lightening in the area. So.... I say we’re roll this dice and hope the split is dry.


Joe Anttila   April 22 at 6:56pm


Fantastic Mnt Pingree League Opener! 15 players with inclement weather! Yikes! Super Rad all you Homies came out to celebrate the opening of our most excellent course and league! Ace pool bumps up to $570 this week! Good scores in the wet weather! Nice win, Chilly/Koehn with -5. Look forward to a more pleasant weather pattern this week! Chaaaaa!


Joe Anttila   April 16 at 7:04pm

League Opener 4/18/19

Rain or shine it’s gonna be a fun night at Mnt Pingree. I cut all your favorite lines the past few weeks. Considering your shots, it was hard damn work! ACE Pool opens at $500 this week! Big Thanks to John Cresswell and Steve Franchi for all of the hard work to get our course beautified for Mnt Pingree Summer 2019!

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   April 16 at 7:43pm


Joe Anttila   April 16 at 11:04pm