Hollows Random Dubs League

May '17 - December '19 • Manchester, New Hampshire
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of December 15

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Saturday, December 22 @ 9:00am
The Hollows North
Manchester, NH

About this League

Doubles league - 100 all-time players - 21 active players
$7.00 player fee each session
$3.00 ace pool entry
This is a random Dubz league held every Saturday open to public and all proceeds going back to the players. Cost is $10. to play each week. $7.00 to Payouts , $2.00 For Cash CTP, and $1.00 for Ace Pot. This league runs year round unless there are other things going on in the course.

League News

BILL BRUCE   23 hours ago

December 15th Random Dubs

We had a small group today ,11 players but it was a great time. There was even a play off for 2nd place. The weather was warm and most of the snow is gone.

We will have Dubs again next Saturday so tell someone to join us and lets have another good time with a little more cash to spread around.


BILL BRUCE   7 days ago

December 8th Random Dubs

We did not have dubs again this week but there will be Dubs next Saturday . I guess that's why we call it" Random " Dubs . Ha ha

Don't forget the Ace Pot is at $94.00. Hope to see you out there


BILL BRUCE   November 24 at 6:30pm

November 24th Dubs

We had a good group of players this morning. The weather was chilly but the sun was out and it was a great day for disc golf. There was 14 of us in all.
After a tuff battle we had 3 teams tied for 1st place. Billy Crane and Todd Daugherty, Bill Bruce and Fred Lusky , and Bryant Chamberlin and Kramer Blackberg were tied for 1st place "Playoff"! The play off went 4 holes before Fred Lusky and Bill Bruce took it down with Bill throwing the winning putt in on basket #4. The battle wen ... more


BILL BRUCE   March 31 at 7:17pm

March 31st Random Dubs

Great turnout today. The weather is getting warmer and the snow has mostly disapered We had 24 players. Coop took the CTP on hole 15.
He also took the win with todd Foster. Matt Eldridge and John Bilsky took 2nd. Ace Pot is still growing so see ya all next week for another try at it.


BILL BRUCE   March 25 at 4:18am

March 24th Random Dubs

Most of our regular players were away today playing in the Winter Team Challenge . Six Players did manage to show up and play. Bill Byrne and Will Flood toolkit down shooting a 50. Nice job guys. Ace pot remains the same at $384. See ya all next week


BILL BRUCE   March 19 at 12:06pm

March 17th Random Dubs

We had 6 players today. Everyone else was at the Cape for a tournament. There was no CTP today or additional cash to the Ace Pot. The total cash paid in went to the winning team . $60.00 Entry fee was split and given to the winning team $30.00 each. Wade Pepin and Steve Foster took it down shooting a 56. Fred Lusky and Fred Rehm were right behind shooting a 57. That left Bill Byrne and Matt Eldridge in 3rd .


BILL BRUCE   March 11 at 5:10pm

March 10th Random Dubs

Only had a few people for dubs yesterday. Team Challenge was out playing in Barre . Billy Crane and Matt Eldridge played against Fred Lusky with a tie at the end of the round They had a play off lasting 3 holes .Fred took the win at hole 3. Very exciting round off play . No CTP OR Ace money to the pot this week . All cash went to the winner this week. $35.00 went to Fred Lusky


BILL BRUCE   February 24 at 5:10pm

Feb 24th Random Dubs

Today was a good day at the course. The weather was mild and the sun was out. Can't ask for much more except maybe the win. Billy Crane and Fred Lusky took care of that shooting a hot round of 44. Nice win guys. Back in their dust came Nate Rav and Rich Spinale who took 2nd shooting a 50. Nate also won the CTP on 15 for $30.00
The Ace pot is still growing reaching a total of $384.00 today. Fins are surfacing at the course. There are a few sharks starting to circle. See you all next week for more fun and games.


BILL BRUCE   February 17 at 9:06pm

Feb 17th Random Dubs

Today , we had a great turnout at the course. There were 26 players today looking for $$$. Our Ace pot reached $369.00 and the sharks are starting to circle.
The payout went 3 deep today. Billy Crane and Nicole Russell (Nicole traveled all the way down from Maine today), took first place with a hot round of 51. There was a tie for second place causing a playoff at hole one. Nick Horne and Nate Raven against Bobby Harris and his partner Tim ,both coming all the way down from Maine.. Both tea ... more


BILL BRUCE   February 10 at 7:04pm

Feb 10th Random Dubs

We had 11 players this week due to a lot of folks headed up to Belamy for a practice round or 2 . Even so it was a goo d day . The winning team took home $37.00 apiece and the CTP was $22.00 We added $16.00 to the Ace Pot bring it to $343.00 this week .


BILL BRUCE   February 4 at 4:01pm

Feb 3rd Random Dubs

No Dubs due to winter team challenge. Pelham had a match at home and team queen city was off to Vermont for their match.


BILL BRUCE   January 20 at 9:22pm

January 20th Random Dubs

We had 9 players today for Dubs. Looking to see a few more players out here . Big Ace pot to be had.$327.00 as of today. More players equal bigger payouts. Fred Lusky won the CTP today for $18.00. $9.00 was added to the Ace Pot. See you all next week .


BILL BRUCE   January 13, 2018 at 10:21pm

January 13th Random Dubs

We only had 5 players today. I think everyone else must have slept in. There is a sizable Ace Pot right now so I would show up and try to take that home with me. John Bilsky had a pretty good day. John won the round shooting a 53, paying him $40.00 and he also took the CTP today for $10.00 . Congrats Johnny!!


BILL BRUCE   January 3, 2018 at 1:33pm

Dec 30th Random Dubs

Small group today for a very frigid cold weather round. Donald Bruce and Dan Coburn took the win shooting a 55 beating Tammy Coburn and Fred Lusky in a playoff for 1st place. Billy Crane got the CTP today for $14.00.

There will be no dubs on Sat. Jan 6th due to Team Challenge.


BILL BRUCE   December 17, 2017 at 9:47pm

Dec 16th Random Dubs

There were only 7 of us braving the cold this morning . Nick Horne and Dave Robinson took the win shooting a 50 . They split $54.00. Will Flood took the CTP on #14 for $14.00. The Ace Pot has now reached $299.00. Lets see some of you players get out here and give it a try. More players equal more $$$ See ya next Saturday.


BILL BRUCE   December 3, 2017 at 9:36pm

Dec 9th Random Dubs

Due to Winter Team Challenge there will be no random Dubs next Saturday. Thank you and we will see you the following week.


BILL BRUCE   December 2, 2017 at 10:53pm

Dec 2, 2017 Random Dubs results

Today we had 11 players for Dubs. Billy Crane and partner Corey Greenspan took the win today in a play off for 1st place against Jason Barry and Scott Poland . Both groups shot an impressive 48 but Billy threw a great shot landing close to the basket pretty much clinching it. He got the bird and won the match. Billy and Corey got to split $76.00 each bringing home $38.00. Great playing everyone. Fred Lusky took the CTP on Hole #14 for $22.00. The rest of the cash went into the Ace Pot. I will publish the Ace Pot amount later. I have to check with Norma for amount.


BILL BRUCE   October 24, 2017 at 9:31pm

Random Dubz

Don't forget to come play Random Dubz with us at the Hollows. This is a random Dubz league held every Saturday open to public and all proceeds going back to the players. Cost is $10. to play each week. $7.00 to Payouts , $2.00 For Cash CTP, and $1.00 for Ace Pot. Current Ace Pot is over $200.00


BILL BRUCE   June 15, 2017 at 12:14pm

Week #5 Random Dubz

June 10th Random Dubz had 20 players on a beautiful sunny Saturday. The Cash CTP totaling $20 went to Jason Barry. Nice work Jason. The An Ace was not hit so the pot rolls over to the next week of Dubz. Total to date for this ACE POT is $79.00. There will be no Random Dubz at the Hollows on Saturday, June 17, 2017 as we are hosting a "sold out" Trilogy Challenge at the Hollows. Thank you


BILL BRUCE   June 3, 2017 at 10:22pm

Week #4 Random Dubz

June 3rd, when we arrived at the Hollows we were met by a beautiful female deer checking out the road into the course. Very sweet - we had 17 players today - The weather was perfect. This weeks Cash CTP on Hole 14 was won by Waldo Quinney - nice job Waldo!! The ace pot is now at $59.00. Hope to see you all next Wednesday/Saturday - have a great week -


BILL BRUCE   May 29, 2017 at 7:50pm

Week #3 Random Dubz

May 27th we had 14 players . Not bad for Memorial Day weekend. The weather was great and it was a good time for all . Bill Byrne won the CTP on hole #11 for $28.00 . No Ace yet so the new total is $42.00.
See you all next Saturday. Tell some of your friends and lets raise the number of players.


BILL BRUCE   May 29, 2017 at 7:46pm

Week #2 Random Dubz

May 13th We had a great turnout this week reaching 18 players. Everyone had a great time and there were a couple of happy winners for sure.

Ian Coburn won the cash CTP on Hole #8 for $36.00 . nice win Ian. we collected $18 for Ace Pot bringing it to $28.00

No Dubz next week due to the NEADGC Tournament. Week #3 play will resume on Saturday May 27th.


BILL BRUCE   May 29, 2017 at 7:14pm

Week #1 Random Dubz

May 6th, We had 10 players for the 1st week. The weather was on edge with rain the previous evening and night. Tammy Coburn won the cash CTP for $20.. Dan Coburn and Fred Lusky took first place.