Flight Path Winter-Spring 2021

January - June 2021 • Belleville, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of April 5

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Sunday, April 11 @ 11:00am


Apr 4, 2021 · Top scores
Riverview Grasslands
Flight Path League Layout, 18 holes
-17 39
Jay Binienda$30
-17 39
Chance Gallant$30
-14 42
Eric Guimond$15
-14 42
Ben Ciccarelli$15
Overall standings
1Ben Ciccarelli55
2Chance Gallant25
3Jay Binienda17
1Mike Kowalczyk21
2Eli Riddle16
3Dave Lassen10
3Ryan Shepard10
3Mark Ellis10
1Cole Newsted6
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About this League

Singles league - 26 all-time players - 23 active players
$10.00 player fee each session
$5.00 ace pool entry
A locally traveling Sunday morning singles (sometimes doubles) league. All are welcome, we offer Pro, Am, Female, and junior divisions, all for cash payout. $15 all in. $10 to play if not in the ace pool. Ace Pool is 25% payout for first time attendees 50% payout for repeat attendees (ace payouts are rounded to the nearest multiple of $10.) Arrive a little early and you can usually expect a pre-round CTP for some loot and a mulligan. We try to have a good time..
I encourage a competitive yet relaxed atmosphere, hope to see you out there.

League News

Ben Ciccarelli   2 days ago

naggoboT Singles This Sunday 4-11-21

Yes, you read that right, we will be playing naggoboT this Sunday, also known as Toboggan backwards. No baskets? No problem, we will be playing to the tee pads... The rule is tee on all holes from anywhere within circle one of the basket's sleeve, and hole out by having your disc come to rest with any part making contact with the rubber tee pad. The round will begin at 18's sleeve and end on 1's teepad. Don't forget to fill your scorecard out from right to left. If you like fun come on down, i believe this will be a fun one.


Ben Ciccarelli   April 2 at 3:50pm

Easter Sunday round at Seitz, maybe doubles

Sorry for the late notice, but I will be at seitz this Sunday trying to hit that Ace pool. If we get enough folks maybe doubles..


Ben Ciccarelli   March 23 at 7:09pm

Rolling Hills Singles 3-28-21.

Back to Rolling Hills again this week, I plan to play the new course.


Ben Ciccarelli   March 17 at 2:14pm

Farmhouse singles this Sunday 3-21-21

Heading to The farmhouse this week courses looking good according to Tim getting ready for a tournament the following week should be fun hope to see you out there. Address and more info will be on the farmhouse course page.


Ben Ciccarelli   March 14 at 2:38pm

Running 10 minutes late today

I totally spaced out about paying for spring forward I'm getting out the door now


Ben Ciccarelli   March 13 at 2:20am

Willow singles 3-14-21

Hitting good ole willow metropark up this week, likely play shorts try to get that ace$. Maybe alternate tees if group votes for it day-of... As always at willow, park at the paved lot weather looks good hope to see you out there


Ben Ciccarelli   March 1 at 10:42pm

Rolling Hills Singles 3-7-21

Rolling Hills singles this Sunday, likely just play old course shorts 18

Ben Ciccarelli   March 4 at 11:17pm

Might play the new course if conditions look good but I'll leave it ultimately to group consensus

Ben Ciccarelli   February 19 at 12:49am

Rolling Hills 2-21-21

Heading to rolling hills this Sunday for short tee singles. Nice and snowy out there should be fun.


Ben Ciccarelli   February 13 at 9:57pm

Park at the huron carpool lot tomorrow

Huron Road Park and Ride
Park here tomorrow also text me and if you want to lmk your coming text me (737) 474-1014


Ben Ciccarelli   February 10 at 4:49pm

North Bay Park Singles 2-14-21

They say its gonna be cold again this week, on the bright side, that means its safe to play North Bay Park. Unique, fun and challenging, this course also offers some beautiful views of Ford Lake and the surrounding landscape. Read more details in my review of the course here;
Its going to be fun, dress warm, hope to see you out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   February 4 at 1:56am

Willow singles 2-7-21

Figured on heading back to Willow this week looks like it's going to be pretty dang cold so I was thinking maybe just short t's and maybe even just play the 18 hole layout so we can badda bing bada boom knock it out and get our bones back indoors.. as usual pre-round CTP for some loot and a mully hope to see you out there ;-)


Ben Ciccarelli   January 29 at 8:18pm

Brownstone middle school singles 1-31-21

Hey this week we are heading to the new course down at brownstown middle School, a nine-hole little putter course basically, but we'll spice it up a bit and play the modified layout like we did last time. We play the nine holes as designed for the front nine, and for the back nine we will play from 1 tee to 2 pin, 3t-4p, 5t-6p, 7t-8p, 9t-1p, 2t-3p, 4t-5p, 6t-7p, and lastly 8t-9p for a total of 18 holes, nine being good Ace runs and nine being more challenging longer holes. Sorry about the late update, see ya out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   January 21 at 6:34pm

Mallard's hideout again this Sunday

I've been holding off and waiting for a more accurate weather forecast and it looks like we're going to have some nice solid cold nights leading into Sunday and I can pretty confidently say the ground would be nice and Frozen which will make for good conditions at my place. I may move the flags around and play it backwards from last week, there are some pretty fun holes on that layout. See out there if you need directions please text me at 734-474-1014.


Ben Ciccarelli   January 14 at 3:26pm

Singles at my place this Sunday

Were going to play Mallard's Hideout this week, a private course on my property in Van Buren Township. If you need directions please text me at (734) 474-1014.


Ben Ciccarelli   January 7 at 3:21pm

Kicking League off again. Willow Singles 1-10-21

Happy new year to everybody I hope 2021 is treating you well so far. Im starting league back up and will be kicking it off at Willow Metropark this Sunday. I plan to play singles form the short tees, maybe with a safari or combo hole... hope to see you out there.