Flight Path Summer-Fall 2021

June - December 2021 • Belleville, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of September 19

Next league day

Sunday, September 26 @ 11:00am
Mallard's Hideout
Belleville, MI


Sep 19, 2021 · Top scores
Willow Metropark
Short tees, 24 holes
-7 65
Marty Peters$15
-7 65
Ben Ciccarelli$15
-5 67
Nik Anderson
-3 69
Jeff Freeland$40
-2 70
Casey Bunker$15
-2 70
Eoin Cygnor$15
Overall standings
1Ben Ciccarelli102
2Johnny Blansett56
3Andy Steiner36
1Dave Lassen44
2Casey Bunker40
3Scott Ransley36
3John Cygnor36
1Bobby Mcaleer28
2Jeff Lozowsky13
1Sarah Ciccarelli2
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Leaderboard updated 9/19/21

About this League

Singles league - 43 all-time players - 36 active players
$10.00 player fee each session
$5.00 ace pool entry
Flight Path is a locally traveling Sunday morning singles (sometimes doubles) league. All are welcome, we offer Pro, Am, Female, Grandmaster and Junior divisions, all for cash payout. (Cash and Venmo are both acceptable methods of transaction) $15 all in. $10 to play if not in the ace pool. Ace Pool is 25% payout for first time ace pool participants, 50% payout for repeat participants. *To be considered a repeat participant you must have contributed to to the ace pool within the last 6 months (2 ...
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League News

Ben Ciccarelli   6 days ago

Willow singles 9-19-21

Skeeters finally chilled out. Park at the paved lot.

Casey Bunker   5 days ago


Ben Ciccarelli   3 days ago


Ben Ciccarelli   September 8 at 7:51pm

Lakeshore Singles 9-12-21

Likely short tees. Still TBD on ponds or woods. Please park in the grass overflow parking lot. That is where I will do reg and the pre-round ctp.


Ben Ciccarelli   September 3 at 7:05pm

Rolling singles 9-5-21

Original course, likely some kind of mixed tee layout.


Ben Ciccarelli   August 26 at 8:37pm

Seitz Singles 8-29-21

Shade, less skeeters, ace runs... so seitz it is. I'll bring my basket and spice up the property a bit like usual.


Ben Ciccarelli   August 19 at 11:42pm

Mary Beth Doyle Singles 8-22-21

Singles from longs. Usual shenanigans.


Ben Ciccarelli   August 11 at 10:27pm

Lakeshore Singles 8-15-21

Tired of skeeters. Going lakeshore again. We'll play the original Lakeshore 18 hole shorts Layout. Please park in the grass. I'll do reg over by the overflow parking, pop-up basket, pre round CTP, etc.


Ben Ciccarelli   August 4 at 8:38pm

Lakeshore Singles 8-8-21

I almost forgot it was the air show this week. Come out and throw some bombs and watch the bombers at Lakeshore. I planning on either the original 18 or the woods course.
PLEASE NOTE; Ben is adamant that all league participants park in the grass overflow lot. It is right next to the paved lot you just need to drive around the outbuilding to the grass there is a sign and flags.

Ben Ciccarelli   August 4 at 8:48pm

Park here^

Ben Ciccarelli   July 28 at 11:22pm

Rolling Singles 8-1-21

Longs on the OG


Ben Ciccarelli   July 25 at 11:43am

Parking at lakeshore

The throwshop has requested that league players preemptively park in the grass overflow lot. P.s. Homemade blueberry jam for pre-round CTP.


Ben Ciccarelli   July 22 at 4:56pm

Lakeshore Singles 7-25-21

Lakeshore this week. As far as layout goes, I'm favoring ponds course, long tees, but tentatively TBD, will play it by ear morning of.


Ben Ciccarelli   July 15 at 1:10pm

Saline Rec Singles 7-18-21

Yep, hitting up saline rec. Same deal as Concordia, low key course with no bugs. I'll add some holes like usual, it will be fun.

Ben Ciccarelli   July 15 at 1:12pm

I'll bring my basket to add a couple holes. maybe could use 1 more if anyone has an easy travel basket to bring down, lmk.

Ben Ciccarelli   July 11 at 1:23pm

Rain looks weak and diminishing. League still on.

It's hardly raining at my place. The percentages are only going down I think we're going to be in the clear League still on


Ben Ciccarelli   July 9 at 1:38pm

Concordia Singles 7-11-21

Man, this league keeps falling on holidays huh? First, Independence day and now.. free slurpee day. Well if your not too busy waiting to get that partially frozen treat, come on down to Concordia U, I'll be down there laying out a nice 20 hole layout. No bugs, short grass, no casuals, nice views, and a blessing from the staff, that's why I chose this spot. Should be a good time.

Ben Ciccarelli   July 9 at 1:42pm

Park here ^

Ben Ciccarelli   June 30 at 11:49pm

Freedom Park singles 7-4-21

This coming Sunday morning I will be celebrating my freedom at ...Freedom Park of course. Come on down a bit early ill have a free pre-round CTP for some loot, maybe ill even grill up some dogs. Ace pool is getting fat with plenty of good looks here at freedom. I plan to play the regular tees 2x plus a few safari holes to make a 22 hole layout. I assume it should be a fast round with lots of short holes.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 27 at 12:47pm

League on today

I'll be out at brownstown today and bring my extra basket to make a nice 20-hole layout and make the most out of the property. Dropped pin


Ben Ciccarelli   June 25 at 1:30am

Brownstown Singles 6-27-21

Play 9 regular then the super nine, ace ops then some bombers with ob.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 18 at 8:03pm

New Season - Concordia University singles 6-20-21

Will be starting off the new season out at Concordia University pretty fun 18 hole course utilizing nine baskets twice. Good things in the works this season. I plan to have a tourney at the end of the year for tags etc. that season points will weigh into.

Ben Ciccarelli   June 18 at 8:14pm

Park at this location ^