Flight Path Winter/Spring 2020

December '19 - June '20 • Belleville, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of June 19
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Jun 14, 2020 · Top scores
Mallard's Hideout
West Front, East Back, Fall 2019, 18 holes
-9 49
Ben Ciccarelli$25
-9 49
Jesse Whitlock$25
-7 51
John Page$15
-7 51
Andy Rednour$15
Overall standings
1Sean Manning25
2Sheldon Bowen20
3Mark Guldner18
1Ben Ciccarelli105
2Dave Lassen65
3Jesse Whitlock62
1Felicia Calhoun6
2Sarah Ciccarell2
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Leaderboard updated 6/14/20

About this League

Singles league - 40 all-time players - 0 active players
$8.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
Sunday singles centered around the Metro Airport area, occasionally doubles. Willow, Lakeshore, and Mallards Hideout will be our primary courses. The coming week's location is usually posted by Tuesday. $10 all in, $8 to payouts and $2 toward ace pool. Aces pay out 25% to first time attendees and 50% to repeat attendees. Ace payouts are rounded to the nearest multiple of 10. Typically there will be a pre-round CTP for some loot. I encourage a competitive yet relaxed environment. Hope ...
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League News

Ben Ciccarelli   June 19 at 2:21pm

Willow this Sunday 6-21. New league page link

Winter spring is over and this page is done. Congrats to Dave Lassen for winning the overall points! A special prize awaits you... we will be heading to willow this coming Sunday 6-21 (the day after tomorrow, sorry about the late update). More information and the link for the new Summer-Fall page can be found here.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 12 at 1:12am

League starting back up this Sunday 6-14 at my place. Doubles

League will be at my place this Sunday. 11:00 tee if we get enough folks we may do doubles. If you need directions text me at (734) 474-1014.
I will be creating a new page for the summer starting points over with this being the last week going toward the winter spring season. That being said this week will be double points and the winner for the season points (I don't count) will receive a prize. Dave? Jesse? It's a little tight up there.. it is going to be fun the course is all trimmed up and dry hope to see you out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   March 21 at 2:20pm

League cancelled 3-22

Out of an abundance of caution, I regretfully am cancelling league for tomorrow. I considered playing in groups of two, but as the situation has developed throughout the week it just does not feel right to have league this week. I will observe the situation as it continues to develop and play it by ear, but as of now this league will be on hiatus until May possibly. Thank you to everyone who has came out and shared in the fun


Ben Ciccarelli   March 17 at 4:10pm

The Farm House Single 3-22-20

We will be heading out to Scio Township to play The Farmhouse this Sunday. Tim said he would be happy to have us come out, and that the course is in great shape currently.


Ben Ciccarelli   March 15 at 1:47pm

Park at the other lot.

I will be parked at the other lot, just about 500' north of the normal lot. I'll bring a temp basket to warm up there is a nice field to throw in right there too.


Ben Ciccarelli   March 14 at 8:58pm

Rolling Meadows 3-15-20

Ive been wanting to knock this one off the bucket list. I just went out and threw a quick round today, and to have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Granted it's a bit rough around the edges being brand new and all, but it played great for me today. I jogged thru quickly with 3 discs and a rag and shot a 50. A little minor wetness on two greens, but other than that, nice and dry. Im guessing this will be the best time to throw here, while vegetation and insects are dormant.


Ben Ciccarelli   March 12 at 11:14pm

Venmo exchanges encouraged.

To reduce the exchange of physical currency, beginning this Sunday,bi will be offering players the option to pay for entry and receive winnings via Venmo. That is all. Have a good one.


Ben Ciccarelli   March 4 at 8:19pm

Lakeshore singles 3-8-20

Lakeshore it is again. Group consensus will decide layout. Forecast calls for a high of 60?!!


Ben Ciccarelli   February 26 at 8:12pm

Lakeshore singles 3-1-20

Heading back to Lakeshore this week. We'll play whichever side has better tees / group consensus.


Ben Ciccarelli   February 19 at 6:17pm

Cass Benton Singles 2-23-20

We are switching it up this week and hitting up Cass Benton. Im thinking of playing some sort of short tee 18 hole layout and then, if the course is not too flooded with casual players maybe doing a 3 hole safari loop that combines some holes(14tee-15pin, 16tee-18pin, 17 or 15tee to 13 pin, (or something like that)). As of now it looks like it will hit 50 Sunday. Should be fun times.

Ben Ciccarelli   February 19 at 9:50pm

Meet by the practice basket.

Ben Ciccarelli   February 12 at 8:19pm

Mallards Hideout singles 2-16-20

With a nice cold snap forecast for Thursday/friday, I predict my place will be in perfect condition come Sunday. This may be the last time we visit my course for several months until the spring wetlands dry up, so don't miss out. If you need directions please text me at (734) 474-1014


Ben Ciccarelli   February 8 at 5:19pm

Location change. Lakeshore Singles 2-9-20

Due to warmer than previously predicted conditions, my place does not have ideal conditions (thin ice). League will be held at lakeshore.


Ben Ciccarelli   February 3 at 11:41pm

Mallards Hideout singles 2-9-20

Heading back to my place this week. Looking at the weather and the ground should be good and frozen and the course well playable.

Ben Ciccarelli   February 4 at 12:00am

If you need directions I am in Van Buren township just north of Belleville. Text me at 734-474-1014 for my address.

Ben Ciccarelli   January 27 at 7:44pm

Lakeshore Singles 2/2/20

Playing the ponds course.


Ben Ciccarelli   January 22 at 2:54pm

Willow singles Sunday 1/26/20

Going back to Willow this Sunday. Doug is hosting a tournament at Willow on Saturday so we can expect cleared tees packed down fairways.

Jesse Whitlock   January 24 at 12:10am

Only the tourney layout is clear...18-22 are untouched

Ben Ciccarelli   January 14 at 7:50pm

Willow long tee singles this Sunday 1-19-20

I'll be out there a bit early at the paved as usual. Free Pre round ctp.


Ben Ciccarelli   January 7 at 9:41pm

Lakeshore singles 1-12-20

Heading to Lakeshore this week. I'm planning on playing the woods course, either shorts or mixed tees.


Ben Ciccarelli   January 5 at 1:45pm

League is on today

Willow singles today, 11:00 tee. Even longs odd shorts. Meet at the paved lot.


Ben Ciccarelli   December 31 at 5:21pm

Willow singles Sunday 1-5-20

Happy new year happy new decade. We will be at Willow again this week for singles layout tbd. Likely a mixed tee layout if weather is nice


Ben Ciccarelli   December 28 at 1:25pm

League changed to Saturday Instead of Sunday.

Sorry for the late notice. League will be held today instead of tomorrow because it is forecasted to rain all day tomorrow.


Ben Ciccarelli   December 25 at 2:18am

Willow singles Sunday 12/29/19

Merry Christmas to everyone. League will be at Willow this Sunday for singles from short tees.


Ben Ciccarelli   December 18 at 4:59pm

Winter Spring 2020 Kickoff With dubs, wrapped disc exchange

Kicking off the season with a dubs round at my place, Mallard's Hideout. If you want to participate, wrap a disc and throw it in the stash and at the end of the round we'll dish out first picks by score.
If you need directions please text me at (734) 474-1014.