Flight Path Summer-Fall 2020

June - December 2020 • Belleville, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of October 25

Next league day

Sunday, November 1 @ 11:00am
Mallard's Hideout
Belleville, MI


Oct 25, 2020 · Top scores
Willow Metropark
Short tees plus practice basket hole., 25 holes
+69 69
Ben Ciccarelli$20
+82 82
Ryan Shepard
+74 74
Mike Kowalczyk$20
+75 75
Bruce Richmond
Overall standings
1Ben Ciccarelli128
2Sheldon Bowen40
3Tyler Macdonell37
1Dave Lassen55
2John Page39
3Jesse Whitlock24
1Selena Selena2
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About this League

Singles league - 32 all-time players - 12 active players
$10.00 player fee each session
$5.00 ace pool entry
Sunday singles centered around the Metro Airport area, occasionally doubles. Willow, Lakeshore, and Mallards Hideout will be our primary courses. The coming week's location is usually posted by Tuesday.
$15 all in, $10 to payouts and $5 toward ace pool.
Aces pay out 25% to first time attendees and 50% to repeat attendees. Ace payouts are rounded to the nearest multiple of 10.
Typically there will be a pre-round CTP for some loot. I encourage a competitive yet relaxed environment. Hope to see you out there.

League News

Ben Ciccarelli   2 days ago

Willow short tee singles tomorrow 10-25-20

My neighbor passed away yesterday and out of respect I decided to relocate league sorry about the short notice


Ben Ciccarelli   5 days ago

Mallards Hideout Singles 10-25-20

League my place this Sunday. Course conditions are perfect right now hope to see you out there. (734) 474-1014 if you need directions.


Ben Ciccarelli   October 18 at 2:10pm

League rescheduled to 4:00 at Mallards hideout 10 18 20

Let the rain move through give myself some time to get back in town and just have leagues at my place like I originally planned maybe I'll get some nibblers on this post and someone will come out if you need directions like always hit me up at 734-474-1014 hope to see you out there


Ben Ciccarelli   October 17 at 8:09pm

!LOCATION CHANGE! Willow singles 10-18-20

Sorry about the late notice I will not be able to attend leagues this Sunday. Thank you to Dave Lassen for being able to fill in for me. Dave will run leagues at Willow meet at The acorn knoll parking lot. Have fun catch you guys next time.

Dave Lassen   October 18 at 1:15pm


Ben Ciccarelli   October 13 at 2:14pm

Mallards Hideout Singles 10-18-20

We are approaching peak colors at my place this week, it is looking awesome out in the woods, wouldn't want you guys to miss it. Pre-round ctp for something good- Also complimentary canna-cookies for whoever wants one. If you need directions you can text me at (734) 474-1014. Hope to see you out there :)


Ben Ciccarelli   October 7 at 10:06pm

Willow singles 10-14-20

Heading back to Willow this week for singles again. If the weather looks good we'll likely play some mixed tee layout and possibly add a couple safari holes.


Ben Ciccarelli   September 29 at 7:59pm

Willow singles 10-4-20

Heading back willow this week for singles. I plan to play an even longs odd shorts layout.


Ben Ciccarelli   September 23 at 1:16am

Mallards Hideout DOUBLES 9-27-20

This Sunday will be the first league round of fall 2020. We are halfway through the 6month season and to kickoff the autumn half of the season we will be playing doubles at my place... If you need directions please text (734) 474-1014.


Ben Ciccarelli   September 16 at 2:46pm

Mallards Hideout Singles 9-20-20

Playing my place this Sunday, looks like perfect September weather.. sunny and in the 60s. I have Friday off and i plan to get everything mowed and manicured and looking great. If you need directions please text me at (734) 474-1014. Hope to see you out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   September 8 at 11:04pm

Rolling Hills 9-13 Singles.

Heading to rolling Sunday. I'll likely play a mixed tee layout with a few extra holes by the clubhouse/ practice basket.


Ben Ciccarelli   September 1 at 9:41pm

Willow singles 9-6-20. Short tees ONE DISC CHALLENGE

Back to Willow again this week. I plan to play short tees, but with a twist.... One disc challenge!!! We will play 24 holes short tees but you may only throw one disc for the entire round, so choose wisely. Will you choose a driver for ease off the tee? Or a putter for ease on the green? Or maybe a mid for all around balance? The choice is yours. Should be fun weather looks good as of now ace pool also is getting big hope to see you out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   August 26 at 7:24pm

Willow singles 8-30-20

Back to Willow this week. If the weather is good I'm planning on all longs.


Ben Ciccarelli   August 20 at 8:46pm

Mallard's hideout DOUBLES 8-23-20

Doubles at my place this week if you need directions text 734 474-1014


Ben Ciccarelli   August 14 at 12:38am

Mallard's Hideout singles Sunday 8-16-20

Heading to my place for singles if you need directions hmu at (734) 474-1014


Ben Ciccarelli   August 5 at 7:00pm

Willow singles 8-9-20

Willow this Sunday. Short tees and a couple safaris.


Ben Ciccarelli   July 29 at 11:17pm

Waterworks singles 8-2-20

I plan to play 18 from mids and shorts and a few safari holes as well.


Ben Ciccarelli   July 22 at 7:00pm

Willow singles Sunday 7-26-20

We are heading back to Willow this Sunday. Singles from odd long even short layout.


Ben Ciccarelli   July 15 at 7:01pm

Seitz singles 7-19-20

It seems this Sunday is shaping up to be the hottest day of the week, so I say let's beat the heat at Seitz. I plan to play through the course two times and add a few fun safari holes make around a 21 hole layout.


Ben Ciccarelli   July 10 at 1:29pm

Willow singles 7-12-20

Heading back to Willow Metropark this Sunday for singles. Meet at the paved lot.


Ben Ciccarelli   July 1 at 3:07pm

Rolling Hills 7-5 Singles.

Heading to good old rolling hills this Sunday for some singles. I plan to play even longs, odd shorts and a couple Safari holes around the lodge/ practice basket for a fun 20 hole layout.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 25 at 7:00pm

Sandra Richardson singles 6 - 28 - 20

Heading to Sandra Richardson this Sunday for singles. One round short and one round longs plus a temp hole to connect 9 to 1's tee to make a 20 hole layout. I'm looking forward to playing some of the new holes as I've only ever played the original four. Hope to see you out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 19 at 2:34pm

Willow Singles 6-21. New season. Entry Fee adjustment.

Willow Shorts Singles this Sunday 6-21 to kickoff the new season. I will bring a basket and we may possibly add a couple holes around the picnic area. It is a new season so points are resetting. Congrats to Dave Lassen for winning the Winter-Spring season in a close race with Jesse. The format remains the same, Am and Pro and Female divisions but you can flip flop divisions throughout the season if you like and the sum of all points between divisions will be counted.
One notable change wit ... more