Club Dead Sunday Match Play @ Broadway

May - October 2020 • Three Rivers, Michigan
Mixed league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Mixed league - 39 all-time players - 20 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
The league is open to all skill levels. Players compete in handicapped match play disc golf. The course and format changes bi-weekly playing both doubles and singles. Standings are points based using weekly results. Pay outs for points final standings and tournament results. Ace pool included with weekly fee. Championship tournament at the end of the season.

League News

Scott Wilson   October 15 at 2:04pm

Championship Week

This week is our final week and we'll be deciding the championship! Matches and doubles will be on the South course, see you there.
Final matches are
Eric vs Courtney F for 1st and 2nd
Chad E vs Andy S for 3rd and 4th.
Congrats to Dylan on his Ace this past week!


Scott Wilson   October 6 at 6:02pm

Fianl 4

Final 4 matches this week on the North Course
Eric D vs Andy S
Courtney F vs Chad E
Doubles for everyone else.
Ace pool at $100 if not hit we will have a throw off the last week of the season. The ace pool will be split into 4 prizes for the throw off $40, $30, $20, $10. Each league player present will get 2 shots. Closest 4 win! Yes you can possibly win 2 shares.


Scott Wilson   October 1 at 3:39pm

Matches this Sunday

Back on the South course this Sunday as we play quarter final matches. Winners of this weeks matches will make up our final 4 and qualify for a cash payout.

Sundays Matches

Eric D vs Tim L
Andy S vs Zach H
Courtney F vs Jason M
James B vs Chad E


Scott Wilson   September 23 at 2:46pm

2nd Round Matches

OK here we go, round 2 of the league championship tourney. These are the matches on tap for this Sunday on the North Course.
Eric D vs Brad E
Tim L vs Scott W
Andy S vs Dustin M
Zach H vs Adam A
Courtney F vs Kyle B
Jason M vs Erik H
James B vs Josh S
Dylan S vs Chad E

Winners move on to the quarterfinals.


Scott Wilson   September 18 at 2:05pm

Sunday Payouts

Just a reminder I will be paying out league standings cash and point money this Sunday! Make sure you show up to collect your money.


Scott Wilson   September 18 at 1:55pm

Sunday Payouts

Just a reminder I will be paying out league standings cash and point money this Sunday! Make sure you show up to collect your money.


Scott Wilson   September 16 at 4:29pm

Tournament Time!

It's tourney time and we have 4 matches going this Sunday on the South course. The rest of us will be playing $5 dubs from the shorts.
Here are Sundays matches
16 Derek H vs 17 Brad E
13 Dustin M vs 20 Josh V
15 Arthur B vs 18 Kyle B
14 Nate S vs 19 Josh S

Don't forget we have Travel League at Cade Lake this Saturday reg opens at 9 with tee off at 9:30.


Scott Wilson   September 14 at 2:01pm

Standings and Matches

One slight change in the standings as relates to the bracket.
5 Zach H
6 Dylan S
7 Jason M

Week 2 matches
1 Eric D vs winner Derek H and Brad E
2 Courtney F vs winner of Arthur B and Kyle B
3 James B vs winner of Nate S and Josh S
4 Andy S vs winner of Dustin M and Josh V
5 Zach H vs 12 Adam A
6 Dylan S vs 11 Chad E
7 Jason M vs 10 Erik H
8 Tim L vs 9 Scott W


Scott Wilson   September 13 at 9:01pm

Tourney Matches

Scores are all in, Final standings are as you see them. Tie break has been applied and the order is correct for the final positions.
Mtaches next week
16 Derek H vs 17 Brad E
13 Dustin M vs 20 Josh V
15 Arthur B vs 18 Kyle B
14 Nate S vs 19 Josh S

Everyone else plays $5 doubles from the shorts

Dustin Morton   September 14 at 3:30pm

north or south?

Scott Wilson   September 15 at 6:05pm


Scott Wilson   September 13 at 8:45pm

Final Standings

Please note the number of ties! this may change since I don't have a score from Dylan yet. I will deal with ties in the bracket and standings by using total points for the league as the tie breaker.

We paid 10 spots in the standings and 4 in the bracket.


1 $80
2 $70
3 $60
4 $50
5 $40
6 $30
7 $25
8 $20
9 $15
10 $10


1 $70
2 $60
3 $40
4 $30


Scott Wilson   September 9 at 3:02pm

Regular Season Ends Sunday

Just a reminder this week we're back at Armstrong park for the final week of the regular season. Next week we'll start the playoffs and hand out season awards(cash) and point money. Playoffs will begin on the South course.


Scott Wilson   August 17 at 5:10pm

Broadway North

Just a reminder we're on the North Course this Sunday!

Also we have 4 weeks of regular season play left and you need 10 weeks to qualify for the tournament.
Here's the list of players qualified already
Adam A
James B
Eric D
Brad E
Courtney F
Erik H
Derek H
Zach H
Tim L
Jason M
Dustin M
Andy S
Nate S
Dylan S
Scott W
The following players can still qualify. The Number of weeks played is next to your name
Kyle B 7
Arhtur B 9
Josh S 6
Adam W 6
Josh V 6


Scott Wilson   August 4 at 1:34pm

Travel League @ Hammond Hills

Just A reminder we have a Travel League event this Saturday at Hammond Hills in Hastings!


Scott Wilson   August 3 at 7:46pm

Cade Lake

Just a reminder we're at Cade Lake this Sunday playing doubles from the longs.


Scott Wilson   July 7 at 4:39pm

North Longs 7-12

Just a reminder we're back on the North Course at M Broadway playing doubles this week.


Scott Wilson   June 26 at 3:20pm


Don't forget we're at Vira the next 2 weeks! If you can't make it this Sunday remember we have Travel League on Saturday at Vira and you can bank your doubles points for the Sunday round.


Scott Wilson   June 21 at 7:35pm

Vira Next

Just a reminder, there's Travel League at Vira on the 27th and League will be playing Vira on the 28th.


Scott Wilson   June 16 at 4:09pm

Scores & Profile

If you're on the scene and your rounds aren't showing up on your profile page, I need your email or PDGA # to link your profile and league.


Scott Wilson   June 8 at 12:21pm

Week 2

Week 2 is in the books. Next week we'll be on the South course playing doubles from the longs. It's not too late to join so come on out and play!


Scott Wilson   June 6 at 2:32pm

2020 league format

Since we had such a late start we'll do things a little different this year. The league will be 16 weeks followed by the tournament. No halves this year. standings will be determined by your 12 top scoring weeks. You must play a minimum 10 weeks to qualify for the tournament. Please try and check in early each week so I can draw the matches in time for us to tee at 10. That means at 9:50 I will begin the draw.


Scott Wilson   June 5 at 3:38pm

North Shorts

Just a reminder we're playing singles on the North course this week.


Scott Wilson   May 28 at 4:46pm

League play & Covid

Yes we will be starting league this Sunday. Please take the proper precautions, during sign up and players meeting.


Scott Wilson   May 15 at 1:15pm

League Play Starts!

We will be getting started May 31 on the North Course. Look forward to seeing you all.


Scott Wilson   May 8 at 3:02pm

League Play

As you all probably know by now the stay at home order has been extended. So if the current date stands we will begin league play May 31.
In the mean time I reccomend that you play in small groups or by yourself. Also at this time feel free to pre-shoot and bank singles rounds from the shorts by simply sending me your scorecard in an email or text. Heres a list of the courses we'll play this year, North and South Broadway of course, Broadway Woods Course, Armstrong Pk, Oshtemo, Cade Lk, Vira


Scott Wilson   April 25 at 2:44pm

League Play

As it stands now we'll begin league play on May 17, unless the order is extended again.


Scott Wilson   April 15 at 3:31pm

League Play

We start league the first Sunday after the stay at home order is lifted, right now that could tentatively be May 3


Scott Wilson   March 26 at 7:53pm

League postponed

League is cancelled until further notice. We'll get started when the powers that be allows us to gather again.


Scott Wilson   March 20 at 4:55pm

League play and Covid 19

We are as concerned as anyone about current events, however at this time, since we are a small league we are not postponing the start of league play. That may change as events develop. Any questions feel free to contact me.