Club Dead Sunday Match Play @ Broadway

April - October 2019 • Three Rivers, Michigan
Mixed league

Ace pool

as of August 21

Next league day

Sunday, August 25 @ 10:00am
Meyer Broadway Park
Three Rivers, MI

About this League

Mixed league - 40 all-time players - 23 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
The league is open to all skill levels. Players compete in handicapped match play disc golf. The course and format changes bi-weekly playing both doubles and singles. Standings are points based using weekly results. Pay outs for points final standings and tournament results. Ace pool included with weekly fee. Championship tournament at the end of the season.

League News

Scott Wilson   2 days ago

North Singles

Back on the North playing singles this week!

Michael Curtis   2 days ago

When are we playing the rest of our rained out doubles any news yet

Scott Wilson   August 15 at 4:39pm

M Broadway North

Back to Broadway this week on the North Course playing dubs. I will be gone, playing softball this weekend in Lansing. Courtney will be running leasgue this week.
See you all next week.


Scott Wilson   July 26 at 3:21pm

South Shorts

Just a reminder it's Shorts on the South this week. Don't forget after this were at Vira for 2 weeks


Scott Wilson   July 21 at 11:50am

South Course today

Just a quick reminder we're on the South playing dubs today.


Scott Wilson   July 10 at 3:09pm

Early Start Sunday

We will be teeing off at 9am this Sunday due to an event on the Bike trails at noon. I will be there for check in at 8:30. Spread the word!


Scott Wilson   July 5 at 2:58pm

First Half Champ

Congrats to Tim LaViolette on wining the first half this year!


Scott Wilson   July 5 at 2:53pm

Back At Broadway

Just a reminder we're back at Meyer Broadway this week playing the North Longs for doubles. Also this week is the start of the 2nd half. This means that points will be adjusted this week. We will go from your best 8 scores to your best 16 for the second half. Also be advised you need a minimum of 12 weeks to be eligible to compete in the league championship tournament.


Scott Wilson   June 29 at 2:22pm

Oshtemo shorts- 2nd half

We're at Oshtemo again this week for the final week of the first half. Some of you have started dropping off low scores, so be advised the standings are likely to change again. After next weeks round the scoring will change from your top 8 points days to your top 16. Right now Tim LaViolette has a pretty good hold on the first half win with this weeks scores as the final one of the half. Remember the winners of each half will be the 1 and 2 seed in the tourney and be eligible for bys in the tourney if there are any.


Scott Wilson   June 17 at 5:01pm


Don't forget were playing at Oshtemo twp park next 2 Sundays. Doubles this week from the longs.


Scott Wilson   June 16 at 1:05pm

Woods Course

Just a reminder we're playing the shorts this week for singles.
Don't forget the next 2 weeks June 23 & 30, we'll be playing Oshtemo


Scott Wilson   June 4 at 4:11pm

Back to Broadway

Just a reminder we'll be back at Broadway this week playing the Woods course up front from the longs.
See you all there!


Scott Wilson   May 30 at 7:45pm

Pre shoot tonight at Cade

Just so everyone knows you can play tonight at Cade for league and use that as a pre shoot for Sunday. We'll be playing the shorts tonight at league as well as Sunday.


Scott Wilson   May 23 at 6:25pm

League at Cade Lake

Don't forget we're playing Cade Lake for the next 2 weeks. See you all there!


Scott Wilson   May 14 at 5:53pm

No League

Just a reminder there is no league this week. Come out to Broadway and volunteer for the A tier we're staffing this weekend at Broadway.
Next week we'll be playing doubles from the longs at the Deadwood course at Cade lake. We'll be at Cade for 2 weeks. If you can't make the singles week remember there is league on Thursday night at Deadwood where you can pre-shoot.


Scott Wilson   May 7 at 2:12pm

North Shorts

Just wanted to remind everyone were back on the North playing singles this week. Please make sure you help Courtney ensure everything runs smoothly as he will be taking reg. Also don't forget no league on the 19th.

Jason Mancilla   May 7 at 7:34pm

Thought we were going to play deadwood that week?

Scott Wilson   May 8 at 6:05pm

We were but decided we should support the A tier at M Broadway. following week will be at Deadwood

Scott Wilson   May 1 at 4:43pm

Travel League & League News

Just a reminder we're hosting Travel League at Oshtemo Saturday May 4.
Sunday league will be on the North this week playing dubs.
For those that are new, don't be dismayed at your place in the standings.
The league is divided into 2 halves of 12 weeks. In those first 12 weeks only your top 8, points weeks count. In the 2nd half it will be the top 16 points weeks out of 24. What this means is once you get to 8 rounds you start dropping low point rounds. This means standings can change rather dramatically at the end of the half.


Scott Wilson   April 18 at 7:04pm

Easter Sunday

Yes we are playing Sunday, we'll be on the South course playing doubles.


Scott Wilson   April 10 at 3:46pm

Ace pool

As in years past we limit the Ace pool to members of the league only. We also cap the Ace pool at $150 after which a new pool will be started.


Scott Wilson   April 10 at 3:41pm

Pre-shoot - Bank scores- Championship Pts

You may pre-shoot and bank singles rounds for any of the courses we play. Just turn in your card to me and I will save it for missed singles weeks. You may also bank doubles points by playing the Club Dead Travel league. When you join one of our leagues you are eligible to play in all of them. This also makes you eligible for the Club Dead Championship points race, this combines the points you earn from all our leagues. The player with the most points at the end of the season will be awarded $100 cash


Scott Wilson   April 10 at 3:33pm

Scores are up

Hi All scores are posted and the schedule has been updated to reflect 3 road dates. We'll be playing Oshtemo for 2 weeks in late May, then we'll be at Cade Lake in June and Vira in August

Scott Wilson   April 10 at 3:35pm

FYi we will also include the Woods course this year.

Scott Wilson   April 10 at 4:07pm

Please note that I flipped the Oshtemo dates and the Cade Lake dates as we were in conflict with a tourney at Oshtemo. this also puts out of the way for that same tourney to use M Broadway that weekend

Scott Wilson   March 11 at 3:59pm

Weekly Doubles

We will be hosting pre-season Sunday Dubs each week until league starts on April 7. $6 buy in includes ace pool. Ace pool will carry over to league play if not hit.
10am tee off so get there early for reg!