Club Dead Sunday Match Play @ Broadway

April - October 2018 • Three Rivers, Michigan
Mixed league

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as of July 2

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Sunday, July 22 @ 10:00am
Meyer Broadway Park
Three Rivers, MI

About this League

Mixed league - 42 all-time players - 27 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
The league is open to all skill levels. Players compete in handicapped match play disc golf. The course and format changes bi-weekly playing both doubles and singles. Standings are points based using weekly results. Pay outs for points final standings and tournament results. Ace pool included with weekly fee. Championship tournament at the end of the season.

League News

Scott Wilson   July 10 at 2:03pm

Shoot-Out Weekend

Just a reminder NO LEAGUE this week. We'll be back on the North playing doubles on the 22nd


Scott Wilson   July 2 at 5:29pm

South Again Sunday

We'll be on the south again this week playing singles from theshorts.


Scott Wilson   June 25 at 4:26pm


Congrats, Jarrett Miller on the Ace on 16 North! That was worth $150. New Ace pool Started current Ace pool $100.


Scott Wilson   June 18 at 6:20pm

Sunday the 24th

We'll be on the North course for singles this Sunday and starting the second half. Please note standings are likely to change after today as I am changing the league parameters to allow for your top 16 scores.


Scott Wilson   June 18 at 6:17pm

First Half Winner

Eric Dingman is the first half winner by 4 points over Tim LaViolette. Congrats to Eric.


Scott Wilson   June 11 at 4:15pm

North Course June 17

We're back on the North playing dubs this week. Also the 17th is the final week of the first half.


Scott Wilson   June 5 at 5:27pm

South Again Sunday

Don't forget we'll be on the South playing singles this Sunday.


Scott Wilson   May 29 at 5:28pm

Scores Dropping

FYI don't forget we started dropping low points this week so standings will continue to change and tighten up


Scott Wilson   May 29 at 4:44pm

Sunday back at Broadway

Just a reminder we're back at Broadway this week we'll be playing doubles on the South.


Scott Wilson   May 22 at 2:56pm

Match Play Challenge @ Cade Lake

Just a reminder we have a Match Play Challenge at Cade Lake this Saturday. You can play in MPC events and bank doubles points for when you miss a Sunday.

Tim L.   May 26 at 1:52am

Is this still going on, Scott? I checked the travel league schedule and it was removed and I don't see any notes about it being cancelled. What time are we meeting if we're playing?

Tim L.   May 26 at 1:56am

I will be there at 9:30 if that's what we're doing, but I sure don't want to drive an hour to Sturgis if it has been cancelled. I sent you an e-mail earlier asking about playing Cali and how points would work for that.

Scott Wilson   May 22 at 2:40pm

Cade Lake Dubs

I am about to post my doubles points for Sunday is there anyone else who has played Travel league who wants to use there doubles points?

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Tim L.   May 22 at 9:57pm

I want to use mine for the week I missed at Broadway and played travel league at Vicksburg, if I can take a 19 or 20. If we can only use the 17 Courtney and I shot during the doubles round, then not worth it.

Scott Wilson   May 24 at 4:18pm

Tim your doubles points at Vicksburg was 17 that's the only score allowed. I can't just make up a 19 or 20 it has to bee what you shot!

Tim L.   May 26 at 1:51am

Our team got a 17, a 19, and a 20. I didn't know if singles points could be used for a missed doubles week. That's why I asked.

Scott Wilson   May 15 at 1:28pm

Cade Lake Sunday

Just a reminder we will be playing at Cade Lake the next 2 weeks!

Dustin Morton   May 18 at 2:08pm

I'll be out of town the 20th. Poop.

Scott Wilson   May 9 at 1:40pm

Cade Lake-Deadwood DG course

Don't forget league begins tomorrow May 10th at Cade Lake's Deadwood DGC. Tee off at 5:30 please arrive early for sign up and drawing partners as we will be playing the longs.

Marc VanCleave   May 9 at 2:10pm

Wish I could make it. Looking forward to playing it soon .

Scott Wilson   May 9 at 1:38pm

North Course Sunday

Playing singles on the North this Sunday. Please note that on Sunday the 20th and 27th we will be playing Cade Lake's Deadwood DGC


Scott Wilson   April 30 at 6:24pm

North Course Sunday

Just a reminder we're on the North course playing doubles this Sunday.


Scott Wilson   April 24 at 4:37pm

MPC Saturday @ VIRA

Match Play Challenge at Vicksburg, chance to bank a doubles score!


Scott Wilson   April 17 at 1:53pm

Doubles weeks Absences

Going to miss a doubles week? You may bank a doubles round by playing in our Match Play Challenge Events. You can bring your own partner and compete in the MPC event and I will bank your doubles points for a future week you will be gone. Next MPC April 28 at VIRA!

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Tim L.   April 17 at 8:22pm

Awesome, Scott. Thanks for making this an option. Sucks that that is the same weekend of the Bertrand tournament. I have to decide which place I'd rather play

Tim L.   April 17 at 8:23pm

Is VIRA going to be one round of doubles and one round of singles then? I though I had read here or on the Club Dead site that it was two rounds of singles?

Scott Wilson   April 19 at 2:01pm

MPC events are dubs in the morning singles in the afternoon.

Scott Wilson   April 17 at 1:48pm

April 22 South Longs.

Just a reminder that we'll be playing doubles from the longs this Sunday on the South Course. See you all there.


Scott Wilson   April 1 at 6:04pm

April 8 & 15

Next 2 weeks will both be on the North playing singles from the shorts.


Scott Wilson   March 29 at 9:53pm

Easter Sunday Start!

Yes we're starting on Easter Sunday. However understanding that some cant make it, we have a solution. You can play the Match Play Challenge event on Saturday and I will count your doubles round as a league round and you can bank your singles round for later.