Club Dead Match Play @ Deadwood

March - September 2021 • Sturgis, Michigan
Mixed league

Ace pool #2

as of July 19

Ace pool

as of July 19

Next league day

Thursday, July 29 @ 5:30pm

About this League

Mixed league - 41 all-time players - 27 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
This is a handicapped match play league playing each week at Cade Lake.

League News

Scott Wilson   3 days ago

Tourney Qualified

Just 4 weeks to go before the season ends, here's the list of players who have qualified and for those not qualified how many weeks are needed to qualify. So if there is a number next to your name that's how many weeks you need to qualify.

David Archer
Jessica Argo11
Skylar Baker 9
Arthur Brazee
Jace Brock
Jaida Brock
Jay Brock
James Brooks
Kyle Baker 9
Nick Eldrige
Brad Evans 10
Courtney Feister
Meg Fittro
Erik Hoisington 4
Hunter Hutchinson 4
Jason Hutchinson 2
Da ... more


Scott Wilson   6 days ago

Cade Lake Dubs

Hey All just wanted to remind everyone we're back at Cade lake playing doubles this week at the regular time 5:30.


Scott Wilson   July 7 at 4:11pm

M Broadway Tomorrow

Don't forget we're at M Broadway tomorrow on the North course. TEE AT 6PM.


Scott Wilson   July 6 at 11:59am

Meyer Broadway North

Just a reminder we're at Meyer Broadway the next 2 weeks on the North course.


Scott Wilson   June 24 at 1:50pm

Cade Lake

Just a reminder we're back at Cade tonight playing doubles.


Scott Wilson   June 16 at 1:28pm


Just a note to remind everyone we have started the 2nd half. That means today I switched the scoring parameters to 16 weeks of top points scores from the 8 week totals for the first half. This means standings and points have been adjusted.


Scott Wilson   June 9 at 2:14pm

Glen Oaks

Just a reminder we're at Glen Oaks the next 2 weeks with tee time adjusted to 6pm.


Scott Wilson   April 29 at 4:33pm

Doubles tonight!

Just a reminder doubles from the longs tomight.
Looks like the rain will be gone by tee time!


Scott Wilson   April 8 at 2:33pm

Singles week

Singles tonight looks like we might get brain again be prepared!
Also the upcoming Travel League on April 17th is full. If you planned on playing and don't have a spot yet see me asap!


Scott Wilson   March 25 at 2:53pm

Rain on the way

Make sure to bring your rain gear tonight! Looks like we'll be ok but it's MI and spring weather so be prepared to play in the rain.
As always in these conditions it's not the rain that's a problem, it's the lightning! So play on unless there is lightning, and in that case err on the side of safety. It's just a round of golf your safety is much more importatnt.


Scott Wilson   March 16 at 3:06pm

First Week 3/18/21

Just a reminder first night of league is this Thursday, we'll be playing doubles from the longs. See you all Thursday!


Scott Wilson   December 29 at 3:48pm

2021 changes

HI All getting ready for the 2021 season! We should be able to start on time this year which means mid March. Also new this year we will do a little traveling. I have scheduled league nights at Glenn Oaks and Meyer Broadway. We'll be voting on whether or not to travel for those courses in the first couple weeks of league. If voted in we'll play 2 weeks at Glenn Oaks and 4 weeks at Meyer Broadway, playing both courses there.