Club Dead Match Play @ Deadwood

June - September 2020 • Sturgis, Michigan
Mixed league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Mixed league - 33 all-time players - 0 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
This is a handicapped match play league playing each week at Cade Lake.

League News

Scott Wilson   September 24 at 3:49pm

Championship Match

Tonight is the last night for league with Courtney and Andy playing for the the top spot, while James and Darrin play for 3rd & 4th.
The rest of us will be playing doubles.

Thank you everyone for a great season and I look forward to seeing you all again next spring. In the mean time Winter follies doubles will start in Nov. contact Al to get more info.


Scott Wilson   September 16 at 4:39pm

MPC/Travel League @ Cade Lk

Just wanted to remind everyone that we are hosting A Club Dead Travel Lg event at Cade Lk this Saturday the 19th. Cost is $20 per player bring your own partner. We play the same format as league except there are cash payouts at the event for Match wins and points. Reg opens at 9 tee off at 9:30.


Scott Wilson   September 16 at 4:36pm

Final 4 matches

Congrats to the winners last week who advanced to the final 4 and gauranteed cash.
Final 4 matches
Andy S vs Darrin T
Courtney F vs James B

Everyone else will be playing cash doubles!


Scott Wilson   August 28 at 2:39pm

Tourney results

Because we didn't have any unqualified players to fill the bracket, 2 matches were forfieted. Jeremiah J, Scott W. Move on in the bracket.
In the matches that were played Dylan S defeated Tom S and Hunter H defeated Brad E.


Scott Wilson   August 21 at 4:17pm

Fyi for players next week

Players who are not qualified and are not shooting matches will play $5 random dubs. If a player with a match scheduled does not show up the next unqualified player in the standings present will take that players place in the match.


Scott Wilson   August 21 at 3:43pm

2nd round matches

Here are the 2nd round matches that have already been determined.
8 Courtney F vs 9 Arthur B
7 Meg F vs 10 Bryan T
6 Darrin T vs 11 Eric T.
These matches will be played in week 2 of the tourney.
other 2nd round matches
1 Jay B vs winner of Brad E and Hunter H
2 Andy S vs Winner of Tom S and Dylan S
3 Al S vs winner of Jeremiah J and Jason H
4 Dave vs winner of John P and Trent M
5 James B vs winner of Scott W and Shane P


Scott Wilson   August 21 at 3:09pm

Final Standings and 1st round tourney

I have posted the scores and the standings are final. 21 players qualified for the tourney.The tournament is seede based on the final standings.
1-11 will have byes for the first round. . Next week I'll have payouts for point money and standings. Top 8 spots will recieve payouts for the league. Top 4 spots in the tourney get a payout.

So here are the first round matches
16 Brad E vs 17 Hunter H,
13 John P vs 20 Trent M,
12 Scott W vs 21 Shane P,
15 Tom S vs 18 Dylan S,
14 Jeremia ... more


Scott Wilson   August 19 at 1:17pm

Last Week- Qualifiers

Hi All last week of regular season league tomorrow!
The following players are qualified for the tounrament.
Dave A
Arthur B
James B
Jay B
Brad E
Courtney F
Meg F
Hunter H
Jason H
Jeremiah J
Trent M
John P
Shane P
Andy S
Al S
Dylan S
Bryan T
Darrin T
Eric T
Scott W

The following players can qualify by playing this week
Nick E
Aaron M
Tom S


Scott Wilson   August 4 at 6:46pm

Regular season ending

Just a reminder the regular season ends on Aug 20. You need 8 weeks to qualify for the tournament!


Scott Wilson   July 9 at 11:55am


Just a reminder we have a shortened season, so your top 8 points rounds will determine standings. You will still be paid out for every point you earn during the season. Also you need 8 weeks of league play to qualify for the league tournament.


Scott Wilson   June 26 at 2:15pm


Lots of mistakes on the cards this week so don't be surprised if your score has changed


Scott Wilson   June 16 at 4:08pm

Scores & Profiles

If you're on the scene and your rounds aren't showing up on your profile page, I need your email or PDGA # to link your profile and league.

Disc Golf Gem   June 19 at 4:32am


Scott Wilson   May 28 at 4:51pm

League Play & Covid

We are starting next Thursday the 4th! Please take proper precautions during sign up and players meeting. I will be there by 5 to take sign up.


Scott Wilson   May 15 at 1:17pm

League Play

Looks like we'll be all set to go on June 4! I'm looking forward to seeing you all again. We will be taking precautions for social distancing!


Scott Wilson   May 8 at 2:58pm

League Play

As you all probably know by now the stay at home order has been extended. So if the current date stands we will begin league play June 4.
In the mean time I reccomend that you play in small groups or by yourself. Also at this time feel free to pre-shoot and bank singles rounds from the shorts by simply sending me your scorecard in an email or text.


Scott Wilson   April 25 at 2:41pm

League Play

As it stands now we'll begin on May 21, unless the order is extended again.


Scott Wilson   April 15 at 3:29pm

League play

We will start league the first Thursday after the stay at home order is lifted. Right now that could tenattively be May 7.


Scott Wilson   March 26 at 7:52pm

League postponed

League is cancelled until further notice. We'll get started when the powers that be allows us to gather again.


Scott Wilson   March 20 at 4:54pm

League play and Covid 19

We are as concerned as anyone about current events, however at this time, since we are a small league we are not postponing the start of league play. That may change as events develop. Any questions feel free to contact me.