Club Dead Match Play @ Deadwood

April - September 2019 • Sturgis, Michigan
Mixed league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Mixed league - 25 all-time players - 0 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
This is a handicapped match play league playing each week at Cade Lake.

League News

Scott Wilson   September 4 at 1:53pm

Semi Final Results

Jay Defeated Scott 19-17
Dylan S Defeated Al S 18-18 won on 2nd playoff hole
This Thursday it's Jay vs Dylan for the Championship.


Scott Wilson   August 26 at 5:27pm


Semi final rounds this Thursday.
Winners from last week
Jay B Def Meg F
Al S Def Trent M.

This weeks matches
Jay B vs Scott W
Al S vs Dylan S


Scott Wilson   August 14 at 9:46pm

Pay Outs

FYI I will be paying point money and Final League standings money tomorrow so come out and get your money and play.


Scott Wilson   August 12 at 7:05pm

League pay outs

We had a pool of $350 for payouts and $350 for point money. Each point is worth 11 cents. Thats total points not standings points.
League payout
1. $50
2. $40
3. $35
4. $30
5. $25
6. $20
7. $15
8. $10

Tourney payout
1. $45
2. $35
3. $25
4. $20


Scott Wilson   August 12 at 6:45pm

League Tournament

Hi All Thursday is the start of the league tourney. All league members should particpate as we will have doubles from the shorts for those not in the bracket. Also if you are there and a qualified player does'nt show up the next player available will step into the bracket.

Here are this weeks matches.
8.Jeremiah Johnson Vs 9.Trent Mears
7. John Poley Vs 10. Meg Fittro
4.Dylan Shafer Vs 5. Tom Spanski
3. Scott Wilson Vs 6. Skyler Baker
Al and Jay have byes and will be in charge of ... more


Scott Wilson   July 25 at 5:36pm

Dubs Tonight

Just a reminder it's a doubles night. See you all there! FYI pre-game at Prairie Lake Tavern at 4:20


Scott Wilson   July 22 at 1:32pm

Regular Season Ending 8/8

Hi All just a reminder the regular season is winding down, we have just 3 more weeks in our 15 week season. The League Tourney will begin on Aug 15.
Here's a list of those not yet qualified for the tourney and how many weeks they have played. You need 7 weeks to qualify for the tournament.
FYI if your not on this list there aren't enough weeks for you to qualify.
Jeff Coughran-4
Meg Fittro -6
Kyle Kelley-6
Shane Porter-6
Karl Whittleton -3

Players already qualified for the le ... more


Scott Wilson   June 29 at 2:31pm

No League on the 4th

Just to remind everyone no league on the Fourth!!
Also this week was week 10 so if you have played every week you now will begin dropping low points rounds. This is when the standings can change a lot as people drop low points and pick up higher points weeks.
Good luck all!


Scott Wilson   May 30 at 2:45pm

Shorts tonight

Finally looks like we'll get some decent weather! We'll be playing singles from the shorts. See you there!


Scott Wilson   May 21 at 3:37pm

Dubs from the Longs

Just a reminder we'll be playing dubs from the longs this week. Congrats to John P on his ace last week on 13! Also FYI the Sunday league rom M Broadway will be visiting Cade Lk the next 2 weeks tee off is Sunday @ 10!


Scott Wilson   May 16 at 2:14pm

A Tier at Broadway

For those who aren't aware there is an A tier (Kalamazoo Championship) at Broadway this weekend. If your'e not playing please come out and volunteer!
Also that means the Sunday league will not be played this week. The following week May 26, and June 2 the Sunday league will be playing Cade Lake. You're welcome to play the Sunday league at Cade and earn points as your membership on Thursdays also give you membership on Sundays.


Scott Wilson   May 16 at 1:39pm

Shorts this week

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!


Scott Wilson   April 30 at 1:19pm

Shorts this week

Just a reminder we're playing shorts this week so it's singles. If you can't make a singles week you can pre-shoot a round and turn in the score to get your points. Pre-shoot rounds are randomly matched with another player to get your match score.


Scott Wilson   April 18 at 9:22pm

First League Night April 25th

Just a reminder our first week of league is next Thursday, we'll be playing the longs shooting doubles. Reg will open @4:45, we'll tee at 5:30.