2018 Blyth Squad Dubs

April - August 2018 • Bothell, Washington
Doubles league

Ace pool #2Birdie Bash

as of July 14

Ace pool

as of July 14

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Wednesday, July 18 @ 6:00pm
Blyth Park
Bothell, WA

About this League

Doubles league - 23 all-time players - 17 active players
No fee to play in this league
$1.00 ace pool entry
Casual & Pay 2 Play Dubs! Wednesdays - Sign in at 6:00 - 6:15 and throwing by 6:30pm. ~~~Casual Player~~~ - Casual players will be teamed up with each other (not teamed with a Pay 2 Play person). - Teams can be chosen or random. - Odd person out will play standard Cali rules. - Casual players will not be part of Pay 2 Play payout or Seasonal Scoring payout but can participate in the optional $1 Ace Pot each week. - If a player is part of the optional Seasonal Scoring (se ...
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League News

Troy Discgolf   3 days ago

Special Rules For Week 12 - 07-18-18

Special rules for week 12 are... Playing at Northwest University! Since the Girl Scouts will be taking over the park for this week we are taking the show on the road and holding Dubs at NU. Normal start time and we'll be meeting up at hole #1.


Troy Discgolf   3 days ago

Updated Birdie Bash & Ace Pot Rules! Please Read!

Copy of announcement posted on Blyth Squad Facebook...

We're going back to doing the standard Ace Pot we did for the first 7 weeks. However, we will be doing Birdie Bash at the same time without having to pay into it each week. Yes, you heard that right, both Birdie Bash and a traditional Ace Pot each week for only $1. Dubs still at $5 total with your buy-in at $4 and the Ace Pot at $1. Here's how it works...

~~~Ace Pot~~~ Now at $60
- Optional $1 Buy-In each week is available t ... more


Troy Discgolf   July 8 at 7:36pm

Special Rules For Week 11 - 07-11-18

We all knew it was coming eventually and now the time has finally come. The winners from week 10 have chosen the special rules for week 11 to be... PUTTERS ONLY! Bring as many as you want but it must be listed as a type of putter.

James Morris-Lent   July 10 at 1:15am

Blyth not Northwest?

Troy Discgolf   7 days ago

Correct. Girl Scouts are next week. We'll talk about what we're doing for that week at this week's Dubs.

Troy Discgolf   July 1 at 7:36pm

4th of July Dubs is Canceled

Since everyone is most likely doing other stuff on the 4th, we'll go ahead and cancel Dubs for that week. Have a happy and safe 4th!


Troy Discgolf   June 22 at 7:19pm

Special Rules For Week 10 - 06-27-18

Winning team from week 9 has chosen the special rules for week 10 to be... 3 discs only! Bring any 3 PDGA approved discs but only 3. What will you bring?

James Morris-Lent   June 23 at 6:04am

if anybody sees Terry, I have his $4 for third place.

Troy Discgolf   June 14 at 7:45pm

Special Rules For Week 9 - 06-20-18

Winning team from week 8 has chosen the special rules for week 9 to be... Mids and Putters only! It was so much fun from week 7 that we're doing it again for week 9! Your disc has to say Midrange or Putter somewhere on it.

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Troy Discgolf   June 17 at 8:13pm

Do you have a question about a specific disc?

Les Bergsman   June 18 at 4:07pm

Not a specific disc, but I don't think I have any Mids or Putters that actually 'say' mid or putter on them anywhere...

Troy Discgolf   June 18 at 4:21pm

Does this mean you're playing this week?

Troy Discgolf   June 11 at 4:22pm

No Special Rules For Week 8 - 06/13/18

Winners of last week decided to keep it simple for week 8 and not have any special rules.


Troy Discgolf   June 4 at 1:40pm

Start Time Change Beginning Week 7 - 06/06/18

Our start time is now 30 minutes later to give everyone an easier time getting there after work. Sign in at 6:00 - 6:15 at hole #1 and we're throwing by 6:30pm sharp.


Troy Discgolf   May 31 at 4:52am

Special Rules for Week 7 - 06/06/18

Winning team for week 6 has chose the special rules for next week to be... No Drivers! That's right, no fairway or distance drivers for week 7, only mids and putters.

Rob Mapes   May 31 at 2:41pm

Basically 5 speed and under?

Troy Discgolf   May 31 at 5:56pm

6 and under works for everything but the leopard I think. There are several speed 6 mids so there isn't a specific speed # to cut it off at...

Rob Mapes   June 1 at 6:50pm

MVP Servo is 6ish but it’s considered a fairway driver so I won’t use it.

Troy Discgolf   May 24 at 3:33pm

Special Rules For Week 6 - 5/30/18

Winning team has chosen the special rules for next week to be... "Alternating Drives"! Alternating Drives means that whatever your partner does for their tee shot you have to do something different. For example, if your partner does a backhand tee shot, you have to do do something different like forehand, thumber, tomahawk, roller, etc.


Troy Discgolf   May 21 at 1:30pm

3 Discs Only Yhis Week!

Winners from last week choose the special rules for this week to be 3 discs only. You can bring any 3 discs but only 3 discs.


Troy Discgolf   May 12 at 3:55pm

Winners Choice

Each week the winner gets to decide if there will be any special rules for the next week. The first week was standard (no special rules), second week was 2 discs only (bag any 2 discs but only 2 discs), and last week was Top Shelf (any disc speed 7 or higher but nothing below a 7).

For week 4 the winners of week 3 decided to keep it simple and not have any special rules. Standard Dubs for week 4 (no special rules).


Troy Discgolf   May 10 at 1:17pm

Link Your Profile!

If you want your scores and achievements to be linked to your profile, PM me your email you used to set up your account and I'll take care of the rest.


Troy Discgolf   April 11 at 8:16pm

Pre-Registration for Seasonal Scoring Now Open

If you want to take place in the optional $5 one time buy-in for the Seasonal Scoring you can pre-register now. Simply just create your Disc Golf Scene profile (if you haven't already) and request to be added. Your one time $5 buy-in will be collected the first week you play.