Best of Milwaukee Disc Golf League

June - September 2020 • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Singles league

Ace pool

as of September 22


Sep 20, 2020 · Top scores
Dretzka Park
Main course
Long tees, 18 holes
-10 44
Paul Bowen$5
-7 47
Nick Lien$3
-6 48
Scott Spindler$1
-6 48
Alec McWhirter$5
-5 49
Jake Edler$3
-2 52
Phil Helwig$1
+20 74
Liam Pook
-11 43
Terry Miller$5
-10 44
Dustin Skorupinski$3
-9 45
Mike Janowski$2
+39 93
Kate Krakow$1
Angie Deangelis
Overall standings
1Nick Lien79.5
2Paul Bowen74
3Andy Allen68.5
1Alec McWhirter86.5
2Phil Helwig78.5
3Mike Hintzke61
1Liam Pook7
1Mike Janowski120.5
2Terry Miller114.5
3Dustin Skorupinski109
1Kate Krakow14
2Angie Deangelis10
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About this League

Singles league - 41 all-time players - 41 active players
$40.00 one-time player fee for this league
No information has been posted.

League News

Mike Harrington   September 2 at 10:53pm

Intended Schedule for the final 3 weeks.

I have already confirmed with the Milwaukee County Parks Unit Coordinator that he has moved baskets at Brown Deer already so those won't be moving again the next 3 weeks. Also he said he will avoid the last 2 weeks of our league for Dretzka baskets so let's hope that remains true.

Week 10 September 6-12, 2020 Brown Deer Park
Week 11 September 13-19, 2020 Dretzka Park - Alternate 9 Twice
Week 12 September 20-26, 2020 Dretzka Park - Regular 18 - Long Tees where applicable (I will verify which holes have them before we play this week).


Mike Harrington   September 1 at 7:53pm

Root River Week 9 Play #1 Left Basket (not the tree basket)

Good luck this week. Needed to clarify since the tree basket was re-installed.


Mike Harrington   August 18 at 7:14pm

Week 8 (Do Over) and Week 9

Week 8 (8/23/2020 through 8/29/2020) Estabrook Regular Short Tees 20 holes
Week 9 (8/30/2020 through 9/05/2020) Root River - Open Advanced, and Amateur - Long Tees on 4, 5, 8, 11, 15, 16, 18 the rest short tees. Women's Division plays all Short Tees including 15.


Mike Harrington   August 9 at 2:28pm

Week 8 and 9

Week 8 (8/9/2020 through 8/15/2020) Dretzka Regular holes 6-14 plus Alternate 9 All Short Tees
Week 9 (8/16/2020 through 8/22/2020) Estabrook Regular Short Tees 20 holes


Mike Harrington   July 17 at 11:19pm

Week 5 and 6

Estabrook Short Tees all 20 holes 07/19 - 07/25
Root River Short Tees Except 15 Long (Over river) 7/26 - 08/01


Mike Harrington   June 30 at 4:50pm

Scores are posted for week 1

Sorry I forgot that each time i enter new scores I need to remember to post to leaderboard otherwise nothing shows up.

I will also be figuring out the next 2 weeks in the next couple days and will post what courses they will be. My hope is one at Brown Deer and 1 at Dretzka if I can get the course pros to not move any baskets.

Mike Harrington   June 30 at 4:51pm

Also I will get the payout figured out this week. Since this isn't like my standard league I don't know exactly how I will break out the weekly payouts compared to the season long payouts but will need a couple hours to do some math to figure it all out.

Mike Harrington   June 18 at 5:17pm

Course Schedule

Proposed Course Schedule:

Week 1 Sunday June 21st through Saturday June 27th - Estabrook all short tees.

Week 2 Sunday June 28th through Saturday July 4th - Root River all short tees except 15 plays from the long tee.