2020 Friday Night Discin @ Stony

June - September 2020 • Shelby Township, Michigan
Mixed league

Ace pool

as of August 8

Next league day

Friday, August 14 @ 6:00pm
Stony Creek Metropark
Shelby Township, MI

About this League

Mixed league - 100 all-time players - 81 active players
$15.00 one-time player fee for this league
$10.00 player fee each session
$5.00 ace pool entry
This is our 18th season and we’ll be putting the final name on the top tier of the Stony Cup. Due to the Covid 19 we’ll be doing things a bit different this year. Please bare with us as we try to have as much fun while complying with state and park guidelines and keeping everyone as safe as possible. Entry fee is $10 for all players. $5 ace pool - pays half to non members. You can pay with cash with exact change or pay pal, Venmo. Entry fee breakdown: $10 $7 goes to wee ...
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League News

Jeff Bauman   2 days ago

Week 10

Layout: Blue Longs
Format: Stableford

Stableford is a game where you earn points on each hole. The player with the most points wins. We’ve changed par on several holes so make sure you check your scorecard.

+8 points Double Eagle
+5 points Eagle
+2 points Birdie
0 points Par
-1 point Bogie
-3 point double bogie or worse.

Ladies can still shoot from the short tees but if you or your team take your drive from the short tee you’ll need to take one stroke off of ... more


Jeff Bauman   6 days ago

Week 9 TWO ACES!!!!

Super fun night of disc golf tonight with lots of winners, great weather, many laughs and lots of cash and prizes passed out!!!!!

First off congrats to our two members who drained our ace pool tonight!
Pinky aced 14 and Eggy aced 2. Both guys took home $500. The ace pool for next week will start at $235!!

Layout was Green Longs w short 17:
Zog wins open w a 47
MishMash and Hamel win Old People w 51's
Team Ace Holes Eggy/EJR win Dubs w a 45

Kink won the 2 Lunas CTP
Hart won the post round CTP fro $96 in merch!

Thanks for coming out tonight!!!


Jeff Bauman   August 6 at 3:05pm

Week 9 $1000 Ace Pool!

Green longs w short 17

$10 For all players.

- Singles for cash
- Random dubs for merch
- People over 40 for cash.

$5 Ace pool
$5 CTP For a pair black on black Lunas, a Team Stony Mitten Bag and 2 vinyl club stickers.

$20 All in this week.

The ace pool this week will be capped to $1000 for members and $500 to non members. The ace money collected this week will be added to the ace pool next week. Memberships are $15. New members get a disc from our stock.
... more


Jeff Bauman   August 1 at 3:54am

Week 8 Results

Perfect weather tonight! We played Blue longs with Island on hole 15 from the short tee pad.

Hot round was 51 in singles.
53 was hot for Dubs and Old Ppl.
Hamel won the cash CTP.

**Ace Pool is $995**

See you next week $$$


Jeff Bauman   July 31 at 6:07pm

2020 Playoff Picture

With 5 weeks left to get points, the playoff picture is coming into focus. Here’s how it will play out this year.

11 Sept: FINALS

If you are not in the playoffs there will be league play for you. All are welcome.

For all 3 divisions:
Top 6 point earners make the playoffs.
Top 2 players in each division will get a first round bye week while players 3 thru 6 playoff in the semi finals for 2 spots in the finals.

Doubles divisi ... more


Jeff Bauman   July 30 at 12:27pm

Week 8

Blue longs.
Ace pool is $840+
Reg ends at 5:55


Jeff Bauman   July 27 at 1:35am

Week 7 Results

We were able to raise $500 for Damon Evans for his battle against cancer. Thank you guys for your generous donations!!! You guys are amazing!!!!

Winning scores tonight on Green longs:
48 2J
45 Josh M/Ward
52 Hamel

TNT won the cash CTP and donated it to Damon boom.

Our ace pool is now at $840 and will be close to $1K next Friday!
Pays 1/2 to nonmembers.

$15 membership is still available but new members will get a stock disc or club merch instead of a club shirt.

SHAQ- A-RONI   July 28 at 2:39am

Good job tnt your dynamite!

Jeff Bauman   July 28 at 1:41pm


Jeff Bauman   July 23 at 10:50am

Week 7

Green longs.

$20 All in this week
$10 to play
$5 Ace pool = 660
$5 DD Evans fundraiser.

Please bring at least $5 to donate to Damon for his fight against cancer. Thank you!

Reg ends at 5:55.


Jeff Bauman   July 18 at 3:23am

Week 6 Results

Zog beats the field by 5 on Blue longs tonight with a 49!! Stack wins again in the Senior division and team Fromm/Ward win doubles. Scott G won the $40 CTP.

Ace pool is now at $660


Jeff Bauman   July 17 at 12:08pm

Week 6

Blue longs
Ace pool is at $460
Reg ends at 5:45


Jeff Bauman   July 11 at 3:19am

Week 5 Results:

Another storm avoided somehow! The temps cooled down a bit and the rain held off until we all left. Beautiful!!!

Zog and Pinky tie for the win in open shooting 46. Joey G/Neal win doubles and Mr Miyagi wins the Old people division. Tiger showed up late so she had to play pro but took home the cash CTP.

Ace pool is now $460.


Jeff Bauman   July 10 at 3:27am

Week 5

Layout for tomorrow is either Blue longs or shorts depending on the weather. Ace pool is at $300. Reg ends at 5:55.


Jeff Bauman   July 4 at 1:35pm

Week 4 Results:

We had a great time last night in the heat! Congratulations to all our winners on a very tough layout! Zog, Tom C, Fox and Miyagi! McCool took home the cash CTP.


Jeff Bauman   June 30 at 3:11pm

Week 4

Around The Outside

Blue 3 thru 10
Green 7 thru 18
Safari from 15 tee to 17 basket.

It’s a par 59 w a bunch of tough par 3’s
Ladies play shorts tees. Middle tee on 7 Green

Reg ends at 5:55

Bring exact change if you pay in cash and make sure you use Friends and Family if you use Pay Pal.

Good luck!!!


Jeff Bauman   June 27 at 2:48am

Week 3 Results:

It was supposed to be storming on us by the time we finished tonight. Turns out to be another beautiful evening for some golf!

Ty$ and Sky win w a -10 in pro. Miyagi kills the seniors w a -8 and Duncan and Eggy win dubs w a -5. Duncan also took home the cash CTP!

Ace pool is at $140


Jeff Bauman   June 24 at 6:04pm

Week 3

Around the Outside is on tap for Friday due to the extended daylight hours. We may be getting some weather so be preparation play Blue shorts if it gets nasty out.


Jeff Bauman   June 20 at 2:59am

Week 2 Results: ACE!!!

Dan B aced hole 6 green tonight for $350. Also we saw the return of Tuna and he came in with the hot score tonight in singles with a 47!

Finals purse:
$42 Open + 26 = 68
$14 Masters + 22 = 36
$40 Doubles + 30 = 70


Jeff Bauman   June 19 at 12:30pm

Week 2

Green longs.

If the park is packed the pros will play blue longs.

Ace pool is at $175


Jeff Bauman   June 13 at 1:05pm

Some New Stuff

The DGS is calculating points on its own this year and gave 5 points to all the players in the playoff for first place in doubles. Im just gonna leave it. So from now on if there is a tie for first you'll be playing off for prizes and not 1st place points.

The 2020 members were added to an "Event Page" on the Team Stony Facebook page. Please check to make sure you're on it if you are supposed to be. 2J I got you!

Please remember to keep practicing social distancing an ... more


Jeff Bauman   June 13 at 12:45pm

Week 1 Results

Herzog shoots the hot round of the night w a 52.

Phill D takes home the $48 post round throw off.

Ace pool is at $175

Finals purse:
$42 Open
$14 Masters
$40 Doubles

See you next week.


Jeff Bauman   June 12 at 8:07pm

Week 1 Fairway or OB

Fairway or OB for tonight...

1. Fairway or OB on 1st shot only.
2. All rough off the fairway is OB
3. All rough. Watch for OB paint. (The paint is OB)
4 both sides are OB but there is relief short and left of the green.
5. All rough is OB
6. Drive must pass the two pines in the middle of the fairway. Watch for flags in the weeds.
15. All rough is OB
16. All rough is OB

There are no drop zones. Always play from your lie. Treat shots landing off these fairways as a hazards.


Jeff Bauman   June 12 at 1:31pm

2020 Memberships

1. XL- Jeff Bauman
2. XL - Derek Michalak
3. XL - John Zane
4. L - Joey Gardell


Jeff Bauman   June 12 at 1:44am

Exact Change Please!

Please bring exact change if you pay in cash. You can also pay online if you want.


Jeff Bauman   May 27 at 2:52pm

Start Date!!!

Oh it’s on!! June 12th we start!!!

josh schulte   June 5 at 4:06pm

About time!

Jeff Bauman   April 30 at 2:36am

Still On Hold

No start date yet for Friday nights. We’re waiting at least another week. Stay safe my friends and stay tuned!


Jeff Bauman   April 27 at 3:59pm

Pay Pal & Venmo

If you don’t already have Pay Pal or Venmo now is the time to get em. Were gonna be using those for leagues.

Jay B   April 27 at 5:24pm

You should try the CASHapp also

Jeff Bauman   April 27 at 5:37pm


Jeff Bauman   April 27 at 5:38pm

I have that too.

Jeff Bauman   April 26 at 3:38pm

It’s Almost Time For Leagues!!!

Everyone get ready for some Friday night leagues! Possibly even THIS weekend. May 1st.

We’re gonna obviously be doing things differently as far as tee times, gathering before the round, group sizes, no cash exchanges. Some can play during the day since a lot of ppl are not working. We’ll probably do a dry run on the first week to fix any problems we may encounter.

Stay tuned for more details. And stay safe and for gods sake...



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Jeff Bauman   April 27 at 5:40pm

They did say they plan on opening up this weekend tho...

S Fox   April 28 at 5:23pm

Bends first week?

Michael McGinnis   April 29 at 2:30pm

^ gross suggestion Steve