2019 Lizard Games Outlaw Doubles

April - September 2019 • Howell, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of September 11
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 91 all-time players - 0 active players
$5.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
$3.00 ace pool entry
Random doubles league rotating between 4 local courses (Brighton Rec., BRATS, The Gulch, and Kensington). Frequent CTP prizes and cash games. Ace pool pays 75%.

This year, there will be a $5 league buy-in to cover awards and season party*. Overall points will be kept; top 3 players will receive trophies, top 10 receive prizes. League buy-in is not required for attendance, only for end-of-season awards. One berth to the Discraft Michigan State Championships is also up for grabs, details TBA. All players welcome.

*$L denotes league buy-in.

League News

Chris Smith   September 24 at 3:58pm

League party tonight at B Rec!

Cash games start at 6:00. Weather looks perfect, let’s close this season with some fun!


Chris Smith   September 17 at 4:27pm

9/17 - 5:45 @ The Gulch

We need to move our tee time up to 5:45 today to make sure we finish with sunlight. Hope everyone can make it!


Chris Smith   September 4 at 5:29pm

9/3 - Kensington Ace...again

Congrats Mike Herbst on cashing awesome Ace and CTP on #2 north. We've been to Kensington 5 times this season and had 4 league aces there!

Nice Cali win for Justin Holley, shooting 15 down. Zach Sadler took other CTP on #10.

Only 2 weeks remaining for full rounds and points. Next week at Brighton Rec and 9/17 at the Gulch. League party and Zuca bag-cart raffle will be 9/24 at Brighton Rec. Be sure to get your $5 league buy-in if you want to be in on awards.


Chris Smith   August 8 at 7:32pm

8/6 - Two Aces!

Dave Jennings aced hole #6 and Jason Sosnowski aced hole #1 (not a typo...HOLE 1!) at Kensington! Both took home $142.

We played north shorts with #7, 12 and 18 from longs. Koehn/Sosnowski (41) took the win, followed by Anderson/Cantwell (42) and a tie for third Herbst/Ellis (43) Kind/Longhi (43).

Back to the Gulch next week.

Dave Longhi   August 10 at 2:10pm

This was my first night with this league, had a great time! And I got to watch the most beautiful shot I've ever seen by Jason S. on hole 1. I'll be back for sure!

Chris Smith   July 31 at 9:43pm

7/30 - Brats and League News

19 players and beautiful playing conditions at Brats. Big shoutout to Terry Calhoun, he had the course in great shape for us. Mike Herbst took the solo victory (44), followed by a two-way tie for second: Clark/Shove (45) and Jake Asel/Holley (45). Josh Asel took CTP on White #9 for beverages and mini. Thanks to Terry, Dre Langosch and Mike Hernandez for the donations.

Congratulations to Jake Asel on winning our Berth! Good luck at states!

7 weeks left before our league party on 9/24, loc ... more


Chris Smith   July 29 at 6:55pm

7/23 - Ace!!

Congrats to Geoff Bennett, hitting BIG ace on #6 at Brighton Rec last week for $727! Bennett/Lavalley also took the win with a smoking hot 43. Second was May/Herbst (50), third Hernandez/Dre Langosch (51).

CTP on #1 was Zach Sadler, CTP on #2 Chris Smith, both for $20.

7/30 will be at Brats for the final berth showdown. I will be awarding our last remaining club berth to the player with the highest cumulative point total.

Terry Calhoun   July 30 at 12:20pm

Very much looking forward to your visit this evening. The courses are very well mowed but the rough is rough.

Chris Smith   July 31 at 9:21pm

Great time as always, and the course was in fantastic shape. Thanks again Terry. Looking forward to our next time there...the birthday round!

Chris Smith   July 12 at 9:28pm

League News & State Berth Announcement

Great time and perfect weather this week at Brats. As always, huge thanks to Terry for giving us the opportunity to play his course. Jake Asel and Spencer Kunnert took the win (44) on the par 57 Red/White layout. Jake is shooting fire lately, that's his 3rd win in 4 weeks. Tied for second were Furister/Harrison (46) and Cantwell/Holley (46).

Shout out to visiting Arkansan (Arkansawyer?) Will Harrison taking CTP throw off. Pleasure having you in town bud, welcome back anytime.

Next w ... more


Chris Smith   June 25 at 3:42pm

Schedule change! Tonight @ Hudson Mills

Season schedule has been updated. Record June rainfall and sinking lawnmowers forced a few changes. We will be at Hudson Mills tonight (6/25) and Kensington next Tuesday (7/2).


Chris Smith   May 9 at 1:49pm

5/7 - Big $$ at Kenso

35 players showed up for a crack at the big ace pool. Congratulations to Justin Holley for smashing #5 for $407! His wizardry was dialed in, he also took CTP from longs on #12 for $33. Chris Thorpe snagged longest putt on #18 for $33.

We played North shorts with evens from longs. D. Asel/Dustin Turner and their caddy Azalea took the win (41).
2nd - Justin Holley/Mason Horn (43)
3rd - Josh Koehn/Kris Woody (44)

Next week (5/14) @ Brighton Rec.!


Chris Smith   May 1 at 5:55pm

4/30 Rain Round

20 players despite less-than-ideal weather conditions; maybe 4 holes played without constant rain. Matt Clark and Justin Holley snagged first (47), followed by two-way tie for 2nd C. Langosch/AJ Townley (49), Jake Asel/A. Langosch (49). Fun times, albeit a little chilly and wet.

Zach Sadler took CTP on #1 and Rob Schnitker had longest putt on #18.

Next week (5/7) @ Kensington!


Chris Smith   April 11 at 2:19am

4/9 League Kickoff @ The Gulch

Weather was great for our first league round. 21 players and tight competition. Jake Asel took the win Cali style (46), followed by a three-way tie for 2nd: Phil Turner/Chris Smith (47), Matt Clark/Kris Woody (47), and Josh Koehn/Justin Holley (47). Sudden death CTP determined payouts.

Congrats to Mark Ellis, CTP on hole #14 for $40.

Great times with great people. Next week @ Brighton Rec.!