Bald Mountain

Orion Charter Township, Michigan     1 course · 9 holes     Driving directions
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Paul Majchrowski    7 days ago

Hey everyone. It was mentioned below but I wanted to let you officially know the main gates will be open for the season on Monday April 15th at 8am. Park Hours will currently be 8am-dusk until summer rolls around.

We have been working on the next 9 holes through the winter, design is pretty much complete. Instead of making everyone wait until the next full 9 are in, we are planning on opening additional holes through the season until we reach 18. These new holes will be opened in such a w ... more

Jeff Conroy   2 days ago

If you need and or want an extra hand any time let me know. I’d be glad to give a helping hand.

Ryan Kelly    April 11 at 8:01pm

Lost one on 4 way right..
Found 2 looking

Chris Laity   April 11 at 9:47pm

Did you happen to find an orange star destroyer? Spring fling stamp?

Ryan Kelly   April 12 at 5:39pm

Both discs were dynamic

Aaron Nitz    March 28 at 7:44pm

Open for spring?

Trenton Timlin   March 28 at 9:10pm

No, the DNR officer said April 15th. The walk in is about a half mile and #9 is the first hole you come to.

Jeff Conroy   March 29 at 1:28pm

Good looking out TT been itching to get out there

Krystal Fromm    November 17 at 4:38pm

Lost my dirty white glove last Saturday Bobis

Chris Fabian   November 18 at 5:51am

How sad. If someone finds a dirty white glove would you like it? Just joking

Shaun Adkins   November 18 at 12:07pm


David TomlinsonTBS    November 5 at 10:55am

Saturday, November 10 @ 1:00pm
Bald Mountain
Orion Charter Township, MI
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Shaun Adkins   November 5 at 3:26pm

We aren't walking in...

Daymon Pugh   November 5 at 4:46pm

I don’t read

John Minicuci   November 5 at 7:33pm


Paul Majchrowski    November 3 at 5:35pm

Hey everyone, I meant to get this up on Thursday but ran out of time. We have been receiving a lot of phone calls on where to go to access the course now that the main gates are closed for the year (until April). To access the course come to 1330 East Greenshield Road, Lake Orion, 48360. This is our headquarters. Park at the headquarters parking and look for the guardrail gate and sign that says "Authorized vehicles only." This is our service drive/dirt 2 track that leads to the b ... more

mike walker   November 5 at 12:55pm

Thanks for the info paul,and all the incredible work u guys are doing there.

Eric Groat    October 27 at 12:16pm

anyone loose a disc on hole 4?

Jay F   October 27 at 5:27pm


Daymon Pugh    October 25 at 10:49pm

Lostorange and nuke 500 down from the short tee pad on the left name and number on it reward if found

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Daymon Pugh   November 5 at 3:07am

I found that sucker today under a log And that walk from where they want you to park sucks

Mike Mcelhoes   November 6 at 2:25pm

Yea I'm not playing til the road reopens

Daymon Pugh   November 6 at 8:23pm


Jay F    October 24 at 9:13pm

lost a black mid range mako 3 I believe on 9th hole landing over the water by the am pad. lmk if you have seen it!


Krystal Fromm    September 26 at 2:40am

Sunday found a pro d buzz inked MSG by practice area.


Jeff Bauman    September 21 at 2:18am

October 7
Camp Agawam DGC Work Day

Bring your gloves and non powers tools too if you want. Come on out for a chance to give back to the community and help us add another great course to our area.

Camp Agawam
1301 W Clarkston Rd
Lake Orion, Mi 48362


Ben Jackson    September 18 at 4:24pm

Lost: Hole 6 on left orange first run CD. Hole 9 hit the tree and bounced back into the water red team Stony stamp FD. Number on both, reward for return


Ed McBride    September 6 at 10:25pm

Challenging new course. Tees can be a bit slick until they get concert pads. Pinged a lot of trees and lost a yellow Star Destroyer in the water on 9 about 200 feet short of the basket.


Shaun Adkins    September 4 at 1:32am

I found an orange driver on 9.

Chris Laity   September 4 at 11:53am

I lost an orange star destroyer the other day. Spring Fling stamp.

Shaun Adkins   September 4 at 3:21pm

No, sorry Chris.

Chris Laity    September 2 at 7:00pm

Lost an orange star Destroyer on the left side of 6.


Ron Jacobs TBS    September 1 at 9:56pm

Green Alpha in the water on 9, about 15ft short of the reeds. Has my ink on it. Reward for it's return.


Paul Majchrowski    September 1 at 4:31pm

Found innova blizzard on left of hole 7, contact me at 5868736663.


Rick Long    August 31 at 4:28pm

Lost a Blue Z Thrasher with A3 tournament stamp left side of 9 about 300 past short pad.


mike walker    August 31 at 10:10am

Lost a Bluish tye dye wraith..hole 9..left side.made it over the water.has ejr on it.

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mike walker   August 31 at 8:27pm

Could be my new fav place.lots of hard work put in by shaun krystal and john.

Shaun Adkins   August 31 at 9:04pm

High praise indeed! You should come check it out colonel. We live right next to the course. Hit me up!

mike walker   September 1 at 1:41pm

Found the wraith last nite...

Mike Mcelhoes    August 31 at 1:50am

Red plasma Photon on left of hole 7 in thorny area, reward if found

Paul Majchrowski   September 1 at 4:23pm

Found, please contact me 586-873-6663

Mike Mcelhoes   September 4 at 1:30am


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