Bald Mountain

Orion Charter Township, Michigan     1 course · 13 holes     Driving directions
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HEEB -A.J. B    October 8 at 8:47pm

Found one on 2 yesterday. Name it and I'll get it back to you

Ron Jacobs TBS   7 days ago

Destroyer with a Texas dye?

HEEB -A.J. B   6 days ago

Not the one. Sorry Ron

Ron Jacobs TBS   2 days ago

Thanks HEEB!

William Freed    September 21 at 2:35pm

Lost a destroyer that kicked left early on 2. Has my stamp on it would love it back! Thanks!

Chris Laity   September 21 at 6:57pm

I'm heading out there soon. I will take a look for you.

Paul Majchrowski    September 16 at 1:05pm

Also, I've tried to edit the pictures/hole numbers on here but am having limited success. Numbers have changed again to reflect the added holes, here's the new layout compared to the original 9 holes.

Hole 1:same
Hole 2:same
Hole 3: same
Hole 4: added this June/July-new hole
Hole 5: was hole 4
Hole 6: was hole 5
Hole 7: Just added
Hole 8: Just added
Hole 9: Just added
Hole 10: was hole 6
Hole 11: was hole 7
Hole 12: was hole 8
Hole 13: was hole 9

I am working on a map today, will post when it is finished.


Paul Majchrowski    September 16 at 12:50pm

3 more holes open Sept 15th. Be aware these holes are still raw and need some ground debris clearing which we will be doing this week. Hole 9 pro pad is in place, however we are still deciding on the am pad location. Approx. location is marked by orange flags. Also, on hole 9 orange flags are marking an unused den of some sort, just after the am pad location, please watch your step.


Mike K    September 13 at 4:09pm

So I just found out about these courses that are being installed. Is the goal of having them all completed by Fall 2019 still possible?

Derek Michalak   September 13 at 7:53pm

Nope, work in progress

John Minicuci   September 13 at 8:44pm

Derek is correct. We are however, getting ready to open up 3 more holes. The last 5 have been started but we have a long way to go.

Jeff Novak   September 14 at 3:43am

Any more work days planned yet?

John Hagen    August 23 at 3:55am

Found 7 discs on hole 10 in the water today. Name em to claim em!


John Minicuci    August 1 at 1:53am

We are currently sitting at 10 holes installed. Our next phase will be adding 3 new holes after hole 6. Two of the 3 holes are within a whisker of being ready for tee pads and baskets. The 3rd new hole in this phase is now open to have a work day to help remove stumps and clear small debris.
This Sunday, at 10 am, we are asking people to come out and help clear that debris. No power tools are needed. Hand clippers and a tree saw or two would be great as well as gloves. I plan on bringing a whee ... more

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John Minicuci   August 1 at 2:03am

I will wait at the boat launch parking lot until about 10:15 before heading out. If you arrive late and go looking for us, we will be in the woods behind tee pad 7 of the current layout.

John Minicuci   August 1 at 8:00pm

Thank you Tad. Have fun at Flip!

David TomlinsonTBS   August 2 at 10:34pm

I will be there

Curtis Stimac    July 9 at 5:48pm

lost catalyst to left on hole 7. would like it back if found name and number are on it.


Bret Adams    July 4 at 12:31am

I lost a blue birdie mitten bag out there today with gold unicorns on it $$ if returned

John Hagen   July 4 at 2:44am

Where? In the water over the lake or along side hole 10 in the lake? You lose it on land somewhere?

Chad Dolland    June 24 at 3:41am

Played this course twice in the last week and have came back with multiple ticks on my dog and myself, watch out for em.

Ed McBride   June 24 at 7:50pm

Good advice. I found a few on myself a couple of weeks ago.

Paul Majchrowski    June 16 at 1:17pm

Conditions update: I cleared quite a bit of tall grass on hole #1, but I had to do it with a weed trimmer as there is still a lot of standing water in the area. It's currently raining, again, so the hope of that hole drying up anytime soon is questionable unless we finally get some clear days and warm weather. The hole is playable, but if you value your shoes, I would suggest skipping it.


Paul Majchrowski    June 8 at 5:08pm

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know we have added a new hole on the walk between holes 3 and 4-no more road walking! We are also pushing towards having 13 playable holes by end of July-maybe sooner-stay tuned.

John Hagen   June 10 at 3:27am

Do you guys need any help? It would be cool to take part in the birth of a course. I can bring sawzall and a chainsaw...

Paul Majchrowski   June 16 at 1:03pm

I am hoping to set up a volunteer day sometime after DGLO is over, thanks!

Mark Kish    May 24 at 4:53pm

Left a dynamic discs tripod chair I believe on hole 9. If found please let me know


Ed McBride    May 22 at 11:01pm

Found a Discraft Heat on 4 yesterday in the tall grass at the bottom of the hill. Also found a key that is combined with a carabiner on the paved path between 3 and 4.


John Hagen    May 13 at 1:25am

Lost two discs Saturday at bald mountain and found 5. Yellow DX Valkyrie and a brand new Paul McBeth Kong on hole 9.

Bayer Briggstone   June 2 at 3:28pm

Schwinn is that you?

colin cox    May 11 at 2:02am

Yes it was home 9


John Hagen    May 8 at 8:01pm

Pulled another 5 out yesterday at bald mountain.


colin cox    May 5 at 9:33pm

Red z comet , purple murder mitten road runner

John Minicuci   May 5 at 11:07pm

What hole Colin?

John Hagen   May 6 at 12:11am

I plan to sweep hole 9 tomorrow...

JT Reynolds   May 6 at 1:22am

He said in the lake edge on 9 earlier

John Hagen    May 3 at 12:35am

Paddled the lake on my canoe today. Found 14 discs. Let me know what you lost!

Dan Bienkowski   May 3 at 12:37am

Yellow team Stony destroyer?

John Hagen   May 6 at 8:45pm

No sir, sorry.

Ryan Kelly    April 29 at 3:40am

Found westside disc middle fairway on 5. Let me know so I can get it back


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