Year End Open: Bad Rock Edition

PDGA logoSaturday, December 31, 2022 at Bad Rock Creek @ Stocksdale Park in Liberty, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Year End Open: Bad Rock Edition graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the 2022 Year End Open

This is a PDGA C Tier Flex Start Event from 8am to 12pm CST.

This is a fundraiser for the Bad Rock Creek course. The funds from this event will go towards helping build up a better landing zone on Hole #2 and some work on #3. This is to help prepare for the Disc Golf Pro Tour in July.

Each Division has a $25 entry Fee. A breakdown of each entry.
$2 per person for the PDGA Fee
$10 to the Bad Rock Creek Course
$13 toward the Payout

There must be 2 players in a Division to be awarded a payout. If there are fewer than 2, I will merge that division into the closest equal division. (Excludes Junior and Women Divisions)

Refund policy

UnderPar DiscGolf Promotions is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Players who officially request to withdraw from an event before registration closes on 12/31 @ 12 pm CST will receive a 100% cash refund (minus up to $10 for the event fundraiser, disc golf scene fee, and any additional add-ons).

Any requests after 12 pm CST on December 31st or No-Call, No-Shows will forfeit 100% of their entry fee.

The official way to withdraw is to select the modify link that is included in your confirmation email, or you can go to the registered players above and choose to withdraw. An email or comment requesting to cancel is not an official way to notify staff you cannot play.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Isaac Scheer5151$55
1Matthew Karst5151$55
3Aaron Hieb5252$34
4Jason Flook5353$21
4Kirby Boehm5353$21
4Kobee Austria5353$21
7Alex Mieir5454$13
7Brett Lance5454$13
9Benjamin Giebler5555
10Sergio Valenzuela5757
10Thomas Ostaszewski5757
10Vincent Como5757
13Brennan Voss5858
14Josh Kujawa6161
14Kellen Weiss6161
16Joey Brown6262
17Justin Frey6363
18Eli Leavell6767
1Shane Caylor5454$44
2Carl Aufner5656$27
3Aaron Stevens5757$10
3Duane CD Steiner5757$10
5Dennis Calentine6060
6Jimmie Willhite6262
7Travis Trober-0
1Danielle Long-Calentine8383$13
1RJ Lawson5454$53
2Cody Lee5555$35
2Luis Gardea5555$35
4Bryan Rezen5656$20
4Dalton Humphreys5656$20
4Jeremy Klempnauer5656$20
7Jonatan Mejia5959$6
7Max Rogman5959$6
9Jared Riley6060
9Layne Jones6060
9Phillip Schmeltz6060
9Tucker Woodson6060
13Jonathan Tebbe6363
13TJ Thurman6363
15David Klasser-0
1Roman Davis5555$48
2Buford Baker5656$34
3Brad Scott5757$26
4Jim Barnard6363$18
4Patrick McLaughlin6363$18
6Jerry Patterson6464$12
7Danny Gasca6565
7Sean Johnson6565
9Jason Huckleberry6767
9Matt Albright6767
11Johnny Harrison6868
12Cory Scheer-0
1Shawn Nelson6868$24
2Ray Bessette7070$15
3James Aldrich8080
1Nick Baumgartner5959$26
2Ken Beach7171
1Shaun Maher5656$45
2Dan Maynard5757$41
3Josh Campbell5858$34
3Kenan Staples5858$34
3Matt Campbell5858$34
6Jimmy Blundell5959$29
6Tanner Burton5959$29
8Alan Bisenieks6060$22
8Michael Dressler6060$22
10Austin Neidow6161$12
10Erik Anderson6161$12
10Joe Heater6161$12
10Kyle Kelley6161$12
14Brandon Watt6262
14Tim Kerns6262
16Axel Rose6363
17Abram Chrislip6464
17Jake Daniel Mikkelson6464
17Jake Wallingford6464
17Jonas Staples6464
17Larr Whaley6464
22Brody Rezen6565
22Robert Holt6565
22Samuel Schoonover6565
25Matt Watt6969
26Brett Truax7070
1Stephen Swingle5555$51
2Earle Riley5959$41
2Marcus Funk5959$41
4Brandon Martinez6060$36
4Edward Gaffney6060$36
4Jeramy Tipton6060$36
4Joe K6060$36
4Juan Pichardo6060$36
4Nicholas Funk6060$36
10Brendan Bessette6161$29
10Clifford Goodin6161$29
10Hunter Goodin6161$29
10Jake Gilmore6161$29
10Kevin Pichardo6161$29
10Lukas Stone6161$29
10Steve Meyer6161$29
17Aaron Shockey6262$23
17Jesse Brown6262$23
17Justin Becker6262$23
20Andrew Noble6363$20
20Jack Daugherty6363$20
20Levi Scheer6363$20
23Brandon Shellenberger6565$12
23Brock Winslow6565$12
23Patrick Shaner6565$12
23Steven Hilger6565$12
23Tom Yeradi6565$12
28Brian Hill6666
28Jack Hensel6666
28Jackson DeLay6666
28Jacob Johnson6666
28Jesse Johnson6666
28Patrick Grady6666
34Chris Swingle6767
34Conner Hutchins6767
34Gary Johnston6767
34Quincy Diggs6767
38Austin Janca6868
38David Smith6868
38J Noble6868
38Matt Anstine6868
42Kurt Klusmeyer6969
42Simeon Chrislip6969
44Cal Shillings7070
44David Eaton7070
44Devon Parnell7070
44Jeff Rush7070
48Russell Treece7171
48Ryan Johnston7171
50Aaron Woodson7272
50Bradley Page7272
50David Craigg7272
50Tom Thompson7272
54Logan White7474
55Ryan McNeill7575
56Chris Hudson7676
57Jeff White9191
1Ave Meyer7171$26
2Maddy Quade7676
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