Woodford Co. Fair-Ways Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, June 1, 2024 at Falling Springs in Versailles, Kentucky
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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There will be no day-of registration. Registration opens Friday, April 5th at 7:00 PM and will close on Frida ... more
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Robert Jordan    June 2 at 2:32am

Thanks to all 128 players for coming to the 2024 Woodford Co. Fair-Ways sponsored by Dynamic Discs. Winners can redeem their merchandise with Bang-A-Chain at their store or on their website so long as you have a free online account. The 3 unclaimed CTP prizes can also be picked up at Bang-a-Chain. See the below spreadsheet for all winnings. Sam also has a list of the 6 people who wanted to pickup a tournament stamped disc after Thursday.

With no aces hit, we once again did a ran ... more


Joshua Wilson    June 1 at 7:54am

I’ve been up all night sick. Not gonna Makee it out today.


Jessica R Jenkins    May 30 at 8:09pm

No CTP for women?

Aaron Ashcraft   May 30 at 9:37pm

Always! Once registration closes and divisions a set there will be an updated ctp list. Flags/ markers will be put out on the morning of the event for division with two or more player.

Robert Jordan   June 1 at 3:29am

If you’re the only one in your division, we won’t do a flag, simply pick up your CTP prize.

Alex Royer    May 30 at 7:23pm

Is there going to be any type of player pack available for anyone that registers today? - I’m driving from Michigan tomorrow.

Aaron Ashcraft   May 30 at 9:33pm

First eighty player registered got to select a disc or shirt. If you're coming all that way.. we'll see what we can do!!

Robert Jordan    May 27 at 2:28pm

A Pure Flight Productions Course Flyover:


Jeffrey Dixon    May 21 at 12:27am

MA4 divisions use short tee ?

Robert Jordan   May 27 at 2:10pm

“Open, MA1 and MA40 Divisions will play from the long tees. All other divisions will throw from the short tees. If your card has mixed divisions that are playing both long and short tees, please allow players from the long tees to progress past the short tees before advancing.”