Woodford Co. Fair-Ways Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, June 1, 2024 at Falling Springs in Versailles, Kentucky
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorAaron Ashcraft
Tournament DirectorRobert Jordan
TreasurerAnthony Cox

About this tournament

There will be no day-of registration. Registration opens Friday, April 5th at 7:00 PM and will close on Friday, May 31st at 7:00PM. The first 80 registrants will receive their choice of either a Tournament stamped disc or a custom event t-shirt (Put Shirt Size in the comments section). subject to availability.

This event will be a one round, scheduled flex-start with tee times. Participants must select an available tee time during online registration. Divisions may be mixed.

Open, MA1 and MA40 Divisions will play from the long tees. All other divisions will throw from the short tees. If your card has mixed divisions that are playing both long and short tees, please allow players from the long tees to progress past the short tees before advancing.

Tee Times: Tee times must be strictly adhered to. Groups of 3 to 4 will tee off every 10 minutes. Tee times will be finalized on Friday, May 31st at 8:00PM.
Players are not permitted to warm up on the course during regulation play. Therefore, players will need to warm up and practice in other field/practice areas. We will have practice baskets in the field beside the parking lot.

Scoring: All players on each card will need to keep score using their phone’s web browser. Before round start, go to
PDGA.com/scores and enter CODE “Woco24”.

Scorecard Basics:

How multiple Scorekeepers works and how to copy and take over scoring:

Ties: Any 1st place ties will require a tie breaker. We will use that Division’s leaderboard/scorecard and work backwards from hole 18 to determine final placement. For all ties, the award amounts will be totalled and evenly split.

Payout: After your round, you can follow the PDGA leaderboard for your division. Once the final player for your division has completed their scorecard we will calculate winnings for that division and post the results. AMs can redeem winnings onsite at the Bang-A-Chain booth, online at BangAChain.com or visit their retail location in Lexington, KY. Open players will be paid by either PayPal, Venmo or Google Pay.

Hosted by Woodford Co. Fair Board Association in collaboration with the Frankfort Disc Golf Association Inc. and Bang-A-Chain

CTPs *must be inbounds (subject to change before tournament)
MPO # 4
MA50 # 5
MA60 # 8
MA1 ADV # 13
MA2 INT # 6
MA3 REC # 3
MA4 NOV # 7

Refund policy

Frankfort Disc Golf Association Inc. is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/76619
1Alex Faulkner51$189
2Kyle Holt57$131
3Stephen Becker58$88
4Matt Vassil59$68
5Trey Childress60$54
6Matt Shindlebower61$40
7Joel Bibble62
7Nick Stinson62
9John Steffen63
10Jimmy Carter64
10Jordan Infield64
10Chheany Mok64
10Caden Schmitt64
14Dustin Hanna66
14Andrew Wood66
1Josh Dobelstein65$38
1Christopher McCurry59$86
2Bradley Bennett60$52
2Nick Grounds60$52
2Jared Jackson60$52
5Christopher Hatfield62$28
5Jaxon Matz62$28
5Sam Wheeling62$28
8Caleb Clifton63$7
8Cade Holtman63$7
10Archie Lawang64
11Juan Salas65
12John Bruno66
12Drew Ward66
14Cameron Baker67
14Zavier Wu67
16Ethan Wilborn68
17Will Bright70
1Gordon Waldespuhl56$57
2Tracy Bottom61$32
2Andrew Monroe61$32
4Tom Midkiff62$19
5Scott Bourne63
6Robert Jordan65
7John Johannides69
1David Ledbetter72$20
1Tommy Rogers57$48
2Warren Foy61$26
2Kevin Hall61$26
4Robert Schaffer63
5Ken Atkins64
1Peter Sohn54$65
2Zack Andrews55$55
2David Highlands55$55
4Derrick Sexton56$44
5Mike Breidert57$38
5Steven Wood57$38
7Jentry Carrier58$27
8Evan Miller59$9
8Raymond York59$9
10Aaron Ashcraft60
10Lance Garner60
10Josh Messer60
13Tommy Bronson Jr61
13Anthony Cox61
13Chris Proffitt61
16Dalton Carrier62
16Corey Elliott62
1Jalin Jones56$68
2Daniel Fryman57$62
3Scott Corbin58$58
3Chris Profitt58$58
5Van Cao59$50
5Thomas Hogue59$50
5Ethan Watkins59$50
8Jason Adams60$34
8Joshua Anderson60$34
8Lincoln Bruce60$34
8Zach Daman60$34
8George Hovious60$34
8Deaton Rush60$34
14Tyler Budde61$20
15Theodore Boyle62
16Jordan Branham64
16Jeffrey Faulkner64
16Alexander Royer64
19Kris Terry65
20Lucas Black66
20Bryce Jump66
20Kenton Merlino66
23Jeremy Emmerling67
23Anthony Merriam67
23Jeffrey Smeltzer67
27John McCurry68
28Larry Adams69
28Matthew Bagarus69
30Andy Austin70
30Cam Sayre70
1Ruben Clark57$71
2Tony Davis60$58
2Blake Fields60$58
2Jordan Manley60$58
2Jake Stewart60$58
6Alex Lane61$49
6Chris Whitworth61$49
8Andy Smith62$43
9Matt Elder63$36
9Otto Ramirez63$36
9Matthew Upton63$36
12Colton Ellis64$28
13Chris Campbell65$8
13Jeffrey Dixon65$8
13Derek Glenn65$8
13Ryan Persaud65$8
13Elijah Upton65$8
18Aaron Giles66
19Jacob Rush67
19Bill Semones67
21Conley Cotten68
21Bradford Roberts68
23Chris Barton69
23Kevin Peach69
23Paul Ramsey69
23Kristen Upton69
27Bryan Tompkins70
28Jonathan L Smith71
29Nick Coleman72
30Jeep Quereshi75
31Brett Wells86
1Genny Ledbetter82$20
1Courtney Moak-Smith77$20
1Liam Shepard66$20
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