This event has been postponed.
This event has been canceled.

*POSTPONED INDEFINITELY* Winter Fling Presented by Elevated Disc Golf

Saturday, June 20, 2020 at Bird's Nest Disc Park in Arvada, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament

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UPDATE 6/15/2020 Players see email sent on this date to review the indefinite postponement of this event. * ... more
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Jeremiah Thomas    July 21 at 11:00am

I would really like to play when it’s back on. If there are any openings

Kyle Harrigan   July 21 at 2:35pm

Look to either later this year or 2021 for this one to happen with. I will make a brand new event page if we can find a day this year to do it.

Nathan R.    June 20 at 12:25am

Shame it canceled Kyle, thanks for all your efforts


Josh Hill    June 8 at 7:56am

I will not be in the area and need to cancel. The original "modify registration" link no longer works at this point.


Dave Alperti    June 2 at 3:01am

How close are we to knowing a solid date?

Kyle Harrigan   June 2 at 3:13am

Parks department has been in office one day since pdga allowed the resumption of events. I've presented a plan that needs approval from the parks department. I expect that based off of Polis announcement today I will be asked to look at July or August dates. I really am trying here to get this event asap, when I have something other then "still waiting" I will make sure you all know.

Dave Alperti   June 3 at 6:15pm

No problem good job thanks a lot .

Nathan R.    January 30 at 12:41am

Hey Kyle, sorry to bug you but my son Ethan Russell and myself are both playing could we play on the same card for the first round? It is ok if you cannot do it but it would be fun!
Thank you.

Kyle Harrigan   January 30 at 3:34pm

I'll do my best to accommodate