Willmore Open

PDGA logoSaturday, October 1, 2022 at Willmore Park in St. Louis, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the 9th Annual Willmore Open! This one has always had a special place in my heart, personally, sinc ... more
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Alex Neupert    Sticky October 1 at 1:01am

Player email with guides was sent earlier. Hole assignments are now live as well. Please let me know if there are any issues and/or you didn’t receive the email?


Alex Neupert    Sticky September 30 at 3:51am

Temp Holes and Hole 6 temp pin position have been uploaded in the pictures section. Larger files can be found on FB, search for Willmore Open on St. Louis Disc Golf Club FB group.


Alex Neupert    Sticky September 28 at 9:05pm

Course has been in tourney layout (except hole 6--which utilizes a temp location par 4) since Sunday! Furthermore, if for some reason you didn't get the email, we will be expanding the field by 16 spots with 4 temp holes (1 to practice basket)


Alex Neupert    October 1 at 6:09pm

1:45 tee time for round 2


Vince Rug    September 26 at 12:01pm

Just following up - are the baskets in the tournament format?

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Alex Neupert   September 27 at 1:59pm

Yes they are except for Holes 6 and 13, which will be in temp spots day-of! 6 is a par 4 where you chip as close to the path (and as far forward) as you dare. Then a turnover or forehand of about 250-280ish depending on how much you left on the bone. 13 plays to the triangle of green grass surrounded by walking paths, just past the usual "long" pin.

Vince Rug   September 28 at 1:26am

Awesome. The triangle island is gonna be tough, but cool. Thanks Alex

Scott Schumann   September 29 at 6:24pm

hole 13 is in place as of last night.

Louis Belamour    September 23 at 2:40pm

Hey Alex - are we able to buy into the CTP Madness day of?

Alex Neupert   September 27 at 1:57pm


Tyler Mills    September 18 at 2:53pm

Could joel Bullar and I be on the same card?

Alex Neupert   September 19 at 12:48pm

Per PDGA rules, first card will be randomized. Shoot the same score round 1 and you could be carded together round 2 ;).

Micah Thompkins    September 11 at 3:44pm

Will the layout be the same as the STL Open? If not when will it change?

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Alex Neupert   September 19 at 12:47pm

I’m not sure yet, honestly. 6 will be in a super special “pin” that isn’t used ever (it’s a par 4) and used a temp basket.

Alex Neupert   September 19 at 12:48pm

Hole 13 also plays to a rarely used pin, in that triangle of grass beyond the sidewalk. Other that that, possibly 1 to A, and for sure 12 to the pin under the tree.

Micah Thompkins   September 20 at 3:08am

This is very very helpful thank you! :) if you figure out any others later I’d appreciate an update but understand if you can’t